Transcript Office Hours: DevTest Live Online Chat [March. 22nd]

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Lenn Thompson (CA): Good afternoon, everyone and thanks for joining us. What questions do you have for our DevTest product teams?


Stefana Muller (CA): Hey there LISA - got any questions for us? Looks like you have the whole teams attention

LISA: have got question around microservices. do we have testing support for microservices in LISA

Stefana Muller (CA): @LISA - So yes, the way LISA has worked for years is to allow you to test components individually when other components aren't available. Microservices are just smaller components increasing the need for virtual services and specific test cases to isolate those services.

Stefana Muller (CA): Here's an article on the subject -

LISA: we are using APIs and Swagger 2.0 specifications.. but currently found DevTest  is not completely capable to develop fully working VS using YAML file

Stefana Muller (CA): How are you creating your test cases for microservices today?

LISA: @Stefana muller - for microservices we have not started testing.. but we are going to start soon

Anand "AK" Kameswaran (CA): @LISA are you using any spec with YAML such as RAML or SWAGGER 2.0?

Anand "AK" Kameswaran (CA):@LISA we do not currently support generic YAML, but have support for RAML and SWAGGER.  We are also looking at improvements in that support.  What challenges have you run into?

LISA: we use YAML spec .. I hope this is swagger  when project created using YAML.. it does not include request arguments in VSI that we need to manually may need to add..

Anand "AK" Kameswaran (CA): @LISA out of curiosity  is it a ref element?

LISA: Sorry . I dont have much details about it but I realized is .. DevTest might need YAML in certain format then only the VS will be built correctly

Anand "AK" Kameswaran (CA):@LISA Perhaps we can follow up later or open an issue.  I'd need to review the exact yaml to understand what is happening.  We currently have some limitations around parsing ref and schema elements that we plan to address in a future release.  This would be for SWAGGER in both JSON and YAML

LISA: Sure.. even we had opened a support case and we got the same response back.. we can wait for few sprints.. as it is not very urgent for us..

Anand "AK" Kameswaran (CA):@LISA good to know it is not urgent.  It is our plan to support RAML 1.0 and SWAGGER 2.0. going forward. We do currently support RAML 0.8 and 2.0, with a couple of caveats.  Still if you have specific requirements or a preferred way of working with these specs, please put an idea up on our communities site.  That way all our customers can vote on the idea for inclusion

LISA Sure, will do. thanks. Can you please share more working example of LISA scripting. I have gone through Devtest 8.0 scripting Guide. Are there any other scripting guides do you have

Anand "AK" Kameswaran (CA): @LISA What additional scripting topics would you like to see covered?

LISA: example .. how can we access some groovy class, methods in lisa. What needs to be done to access those. So those kind of examples should help us to understand extensively

Stefana Muller (CA): @LISA are you talking about this scripting guide?

Anand "AK" Kameswaran (CA): @LISA Not entirely clear on the question.  Are you looking how you add your own classes?  Or is this for documentation of our internal classes?

LISA: yes more like how to add our own classes

Anand "AK" Kameswaran (CA): @LISA you can put it in your lib directory and then it should be accessible

LISA: on devtest client lib is it ?

Anand "AK" Kameswaran (CA): @LISA to develop you need it for the client lib directory. However for use, you will want to add it the lib directory of all components such as VSE, Simulators, Coordinators etc.

LISA: @Anand - Ok.. Great.. thanks. I dont have any questions now.. thanks for your answers

Anand "AK" Kameswaran (CA): @LISA you are very welcome, thanks for participating today