Consolidated Device Certification Program Office Hours Transcript - March 2016

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Chat transcript from CA UIM, CA PM, and CA eHealth Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [March 2016] - Consolidated Device Certification Program which was held on March 24, 2016.

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Hi Everyone - welcome to our Office Hours! We'll be getting started at the top of the hour.

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright, let's get started! You can start typing your questions here in the chat box. Don't forget to select "Send to: Everyone" before clicking "Send"

Skip Taylor to Everyone: What's the life expectancy of eHealth?  Roadmap?

David Metz to Everyone: What will be the sla on a certification?

Michael Poller to Everyone: @Skip, @David, great questions.... answers are coming up...

Manish Parikh to Everyone: question on WebView 10.1.....I am seeing the below property that is new to"" file.


Do I need to configure this property. I just upgraded from APM v9.5.2 to v10.1

Margaret Natario to Everyone: @Skip Webcast on eHealth Futures coming up on Tuesday, April 5. Please register here:

Michael Poller to Everyone: @Manish, that is a bit beyond the scope of this certification question and answer chat. Not sure we have the knowledge to answer it here. May be best opening a new support case or posting to the APM Community to ask this.

Skip Taylor to Everyone: ok, thanks

Jim Mercer to Everyone: @David - This initiative is new starting this CY.  So, we wanted to share with everyone what we are doing to improve the efficiency of the cert process.  We are collecting velocity info to provide more details on turnaround in the future. Still early in the process.

Randy Ryder to Everyone: any word on when GIS security issues will be solved?

Manish Parikh to Everyone: @MichaelPoller - oops, sorry, my mistake.

Jim Mercer to Everyone: @Randy, could you please clarify - are you speaking about a specific product (i.e. Spectrum)?

Randy Ryder to Everyone: @Jim sorry...yes, Spectrum GISview - unable to use it with non-administrators...

Melissa Potvin (CA) to Everyone: @Randy, hi there. and thanks for your question - this office hours is not focused on spectrum but i will be to forward your question to the team that can answer. Likewise, you can create a thread in the IM community or open a case. 

Randy Ryder to Everyone: @Jim sure, thx

David Metz to Everyone: How do we make a request to get a cert in the version we are running and not just making your products better for the future.

Margaret Natario to Everyone: @DavidM which product are you specifically asking about here?

David Metz to Everyone: @Margaret CAPM

Robin Qin to Everyone: @David in general we suggest customer to go latest release, which has new cert and defect fixes.  For CAPM, it is possible to apply the new cert to existing version if there is no dependency on the lowlavel function code. Please check instruction of the cert at ondemand site.

Joseph Poutre to Everyone: We will be moving from Spectrum to UIM (monitoring) and SOI (alarms and escalation). We have other tools that send traps to Spectrum which are turned into alarms and then escalated. Would you recommend we send those to UIM to become alarms and then sent to SOI to escalate, or should the traps go straight to SOI to become alarms and be escalated?

David Metz to Everyone: (CAPM) Normally we need a cert in days. How can you help with this?

Melissa Potvin (CA) to Everyone: @Randy,  i am told that as per your comment/question that this is under consideration for an upcoming release

Reginald Smith to Everyone: I have a question about CA UIM Super Packages.  I am relatively new to UIM and I am trying to create a Super Package for Database monitoring.

Jim Mercer to Everyone: @Joseph - -    This is something that would need more in-depth research and understanding of your larger implementation.  I would suggest we take this offline and connect with whoever is architecting you overall solution.

Robin Qin to Everyone: @David If there is urgent need, please work with account team with escalation process and it is possible to speed up the terunaround time for urgent cert.

Joseph Poutre to Everyone: @Jim - I will be the one architecting. I will therefore research the relevant trap-parsing features of the two tools to make our decision. Thanks.

Michael Poller to Everyone: @David that contact for escalation, is also the same person to discuss engaging Services if you wish to potentially get even quicker turnarounds and have the certs created for you.

Jim Mercer to Everyone: @Joseph -  Are you working with someone in CA Services.  I would be happy to reach out to see if we can get you some more help.

Jim Mercer to Everyone: @Joseph Feel free to drop me an Email

Joseph Poutre to Everyone: @Jim - not at this time. We likely will do so in the near future given the complexity of the transition.

Melissa Potvin (CA) to Everyone: @Reginald,  we would like you to open a support case on your question and when you do that please send me case # so i can do some additional follow up on your behalf

Reginald Smith to Everyone: I just opened up case ********* for this issue.

Melissa Potvin (CA) to Everyone: @reginald, that was fast thank you. i will get this to the right people

Reginald Smith to Everyone: THANKS!

Joseph Poutre to Everyone: Has UIM been updated to bring in eHealth data for presentation, so we can show our SysEdge-gathered data alongside with the UIM robot-gathered data?

Margaret Natario to Everyone: @Joe this is another one that we need to engage the UIM team with. Please feel free to drop  me a note so I  can get your question to the correct parites

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: 10 minutes left! Please get your last-minute questions in now.

Melissa Potvin (CA) to Everyone: In case you missed the webcast on Tuesday March 22 here is a link with all the materials -->

David Metz to Everyone: Do you use the severity of the case for a cert for anything?

Robert Keville to Everyone: @ David - certifications are opened at severity 4 and can be changed should a client choose to escalate through thier account team. Certifications typically are of a lower priority and we are very concious of blocking customer product issues that support needs to work.

Robin Qin to Everyone: question from Tuesday’s webcast that we thought might be useful…

@ Paul Kelly Q: It would be useful if CA would supply an updated Cert Toolkit (preferred MIB walker etc.) to customers and partners

A: CA Spectrum provides MIB walk UI tool, eHealth provides nhSnmpTool for MIB walk, User can install standalone nhSnmptool for MIB walk from

Michael Poller to Everyone: @Paul An Idea submission to the communities requesting a common tool across products woudn't be a terrible idea. I know I'd vote it up!

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright, that's it for today! Thank you everyone for joining! A copy of this transcript will be posted in the IM community later today.