How to tweak httpCoreConcurrency and httpMaxConcurrency

Document created by Samuel.Liebermann Employee on Mar 24, 2016
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The Cluster-Wide Properties 'io.httpCoreConcurrency' and 'io.httpMaxConcurrency' control the amount of allowed concurrent incoming requests to the gateway.


  1. Set the io.httpCoreConcurrency Cluster-Wide Property to 1000. That will allow 1000 connections from clients.
  2. Set the httpMaxConcurrency Cluster-Wide Property to a value that is up to 25% more than the io.httpCoreConcurrency.
  3. Add the line c3p0DataSource.maxPoolSize=<number> Where the <number> is the average between the httpCoreConcurrency and httpMaxConcurrency
    The line should be added on each of the nodes to file /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/node/default/etc/conf/
  4. On each database node, edit the file /etc/my.cnf and make sure that the entry max_connections Is set to at least httpMaxConcurrency multiplied by the amount of nodes on the cluster.
    For example, if httpMaxConcurrency is 1250 and there are 3 nodes on the cluster, the value for max_connections should be 3750.
    Restart of the mysql server is required after that change: service mysql restart


a) Backup files before editing

b) The performance is linked to the amount of requests and the size of the payload. Please perform load tests on non PROD environment with the expected amount of requests and average payload size.

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