How to Manually Import CABI Universe and Reports for CA Asset Portfolio Manager 14.1

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How to Manually Import Business Objects Universe and Reports for CA Asset Portfolio Manager 14.1


I.  Import the CA Asset Portfolio Management (ITAM) Reports

     1. On the CABI server, mount the APM 14.1 GA ISO image.  The biconfig folder is present at path <drive>:\filestore\BOXI\. 
     2. Copy the biconfig folder from the 14.1 installation media locally to the server.

     3. Navigate to the …\biconfig\samples folder and move (or copy) the xml_biar_import.xml file to the local \biconfig folder.

     4. Edit the \biconfig\xml_biar_import.xml file with notepad to contain only one <step priority></step> parameter set (see example):



     5. Make sure the file references the proper file location of the BIAR file and necessary parameter values as follows:

    • <biar-file name>=<drive>:\filestore\BOXI\biconfig\CA_ITAM_Reporting.biar
    • <networklayer>OLE DB</networklayer>
    • <rdbms>MS SQL Server 2008</rdbms>  (or MS SQL Server 2012)
    • <username>mdbadmin</username>
    • <password>mdbadmin password</password>
    • <datasource>mdb</datasource>
    • <server>MDB server hostname</server>

     6. Save changes

     7. Open a command prompt, navigate to the local biconfig folder, and type the following command: 
                biconfig –h <hostname of CABI app server> -u administrator –p <AdminPwd> -f xml_biar_import.xml.
          The admin password is the password for the CABI administrator as specified during the CABI installation.


     Once executed successfully, the command prompt will return.

     8. Open the \biconfig\biconfig.log file and check it for errors.  You can also log into Java InfoView and confirm that the ITAM reports are available.


II. CONFIRM the ITAM Universe Connection

     Once the ITAM universe and reports have been imported, verify the imported connection information. 
     This is performed from the Business Objects Universe Design tool.


     1. Launch the Universe Design Tool from Start->Programs->CA->BusinessObjects XI 4.1->Universe Design Tool

     2. Enter the required login information and click OK.

    • System: <CABI server hostname>
    • User Name: administrator
    • Password: <CABI administrator password>
    • Authentication: Enterprise


     3. Click Cancel.  Then select the File->Import menu.


     4. Click the Browse button on the top of the import screen window.


     5. Highlight the CA IT Asset Manager universe.  Click OK.


     6. Click OK.


     7.  Confirm universe imported successfully and confirm successful out of the box reports via BI Launch Pad.