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Why Upgrade to CA APM 10Ready to Upgrade to CA APM 10

Release Information


New Features & Capabilities


CA APM 10 in Action


Enterprise Manager Only Upgrade

Did you know that 80-90% of the new CA APM 10 features are on the server side? Upgrade your Enterprise Manager only to get these benefits, all with zero downtime and no interruption of service. Learn more:


Why Customers Applaud CA APM 10

Must-Read Documents Before You Upgrade


Discover the ROI for CA APM 10


Request a CA APM 10 Demo

Get a closer look into the newest capabilities and features that are exclusive to CA APM 10 by scheduling your free, personalized demo now.

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Start Your Upgrade

This instructional step-by-step video series is designed to help you upgrade to CA APM 10 in four easy steps.


Step 1: Assessment

Step 2: Pre-Upgrade Preparation

Step 3: Deployment

Step 4: Post-Upgrade Configurations

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