Tech Tip: How to save CCA JasperSoft Reports to a specified directory in CCA r12.8.3

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CCA JasperSoft Reports To Local \ Network Share

Created by Adnan Hafeezullah @ CA



This is released as a Field Developed Utility, limited support via CCA Communities



In CCA r12.8.3, JasperSoft was introduced as CCA Server’s Reporting Engine. With this, the functionality of saving files to a remote location has not been implemented. This utility provides a method to get the files to a desired directory



In the zip file, there is a script (copyreports.js), which was written in JavaScript with intensions to be run with NodeJS. A NodeJS 5.5 portable executable has been provided in the same package, but can optional use an existing NodeJS installation if one exists. The script watches the CCA Server for new reports created and copies them to a destination path (local or remote) that is setup via DestinationPath.txt

This utility was intended for Windows Servers, but can easily be tweaked for any Linux environment using the same script. Please respond to the CA Communities thread for this posting for assistance.



There are 2 zip files, one with a portable NodeJS executable, one without.  If you have a NodeJS installation on your CCA Server, then download the one without NodeJS; all others need to use the one with NodeJS.  Unzip file in the “CCA Server” root folder. You should see a folder created called utilities as “\CA\CCA Server\utilities\” with the “copyreports.js” file in that directory

Open and edit the “DestinationReportPath.txt” and enter the destination path (local path or shared drive) in that file. Save and close it


Create Windows Task Scheduler

For Windows Servers, we have provided a Windows Task Scheduler file that you can import for your convenience “CA Configuration Automation Server Report Copier Task Scheduler.xml”. Open Windows Task Scheduler and Import the xml file to the desired folder. Modify the “User Permissions” to an account that has access rights to write files to the folder specified in the DestinationPath.txt file

This task scheduler instance will start the instance on every computer start; please start the task manually for the first time to run

For assistance with importing tasks, please follow Import a Task


Note: If you have NodeJS already installed on the CCA Server

You will need to modify the location of the node.exe or if it is registered as an environmental variable, then you can leverage that as well



Once the installation is complete, run your CCA Reports as normal. The script will do its job and will copy the file over once the report has been completed.



You can run the program manually from the command-line by cd into the utilities directory and run: node copyreports.js

Try to run a CCA Report, see if any errors occurs.

Alternatively, please respond to the CA Communities thread for this posting for assistance.