CA eHealth Office Hours Transcript - April 2016

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Chat transcript from CA eHealth Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [April 2016] - Update on CA eHealth which was held on April 7, 2016.


Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright everyone, let's get started! You can start typing your questions into this chat box. Our experts are standing by!

Ruben to Everyone: I saw CA eHealth® r6.3.2.12 is Generally Available.

rich vernon to Everyone: @Ruben, yes Ruben it is GA and i have installed it in my labs.

Ruben to Everyone: Is this not going to give us any DB issues?

rich vernon to Everyone: @Ruben, 12 is a cert issue, so no real changes were included, just new certifications.

Ruben to Everyone: the reason is Update from to failed because DB was still EH1. Is this issue has been resolved?

rich vernon to Everyone: @Ruben, We did not see any issues internally, and have not had any issues

Melanie Rock to Everyone: Do you recommend customers migrate from eHealth to UIM or Performance Manager moving forward? I feel like I've received mixed messaging on this

Margaret Natario to Everyone: @Melanie great question. That really depends on how you're using eHealth as part of your IM Performance Management solution.  Both the UIM and CAPM teams have enhancing integrations with SPECTRUM, so it usually comes down to the scale of your network and critical technologies you need to manage and monitor. Please reach out to your CA Sales folks who are getting up to speed on the latest enhancements as you read this!

Princy Mehta to Everyone: Hello, how far is eHealth planning to be developed in terms of features?  6.3.x has been out for a while, currently at 6.3.11, I believe. Are there plans to introduce a ver. 6.4? If so, what major new features would we see?

Melanie Rock to Everyone: I would love to hear about 6.4 plans too! Or even some detail about major new features being considered (no pressure on commitment!)??

Francisco DO CASTELO to Everyone: +1

Margaret Natario to Everyone: @Princy @Melanie @everyone Sounds like you may have missed my eHealth Status Websession Tuesday.  I went over the Roadmap and eHealth status and features. Here's a link to the recording:

Melanie Rock to Everyone: I listened to the webcast but I didn't see any major new features planned.  Did I miss it?

Princy Mehta to Everyone: Thank you, @Margaret.

Margaret Natario to Everyone: @Melanie you are correct to interpret that we are  "staying the course" with eHealth - enhancements are around vulnerability updates and SNMP  device certifications. 

Melanie Rock to Everyone: @Margaret, Thank you!

Junaid Ghafoor to Everyone: How often should we be expecting a new version release of eHealth? every quarter?

rich vernon to Everyone: @Junaid, we target a release every quarter, the last one was and we went GA end of march, and the next planned release is in July.

Junaid Ghafoor to Everyone: @Rich - Thanks

Princy Mehta to Everyone: @Margaret, you mentioned 6.3.12 was recently released.  Does that use the same Oracle DB that use or does Oracle need to be updated ?

mike sills to Everyone: my colleague mentioned that we had a problem going from to We stll have another server to update. Did anyone else have issues?

Francisco DO CASTELO to Everyone: is there any evolution in the usage of JAVA, in Live reports and or Live Health?

Donald Gray to Everyone: @Mike, @Ruben There is no Oracle update required from to

Ruben to Everyone: @Donald, No we have to go from to That is why we are asking

Ruben to Everyone: @Don you help us to load the DB after we rebuild the eHealth

Timi to Everyone: @Ruben I have updated from to and to with no problems.

Ruben to Everyone: Thank You Very Much @Don for Your Help to Load the DB after we rebuild the eHealth

Ruben to Everyone: @Timi you are right.......I did one server without any issue. But one server had DB issue. Update from to failed because DB was still EH1

Timi to Everyone: @Ruben, I have done 6 so far with no issues.

Ruben to Everyone: Leong Justin and Don Help us to during this issue. Thx to them

Ruben to Everyone: Good to hear @Timi

Donald Gray to Everyone: @Mike, @Ruben If you check the file $ORACLE_HOME/EHORAVER and it says EH1 then you will need the put on the latest Oracle update. If it says EH2 you will not need the Oracle update

Timi to Everyone: @Donald, by EH1 do you mean

Ruben to Everyone: @Donald, But it was not mention in your Read Me file. May be we need your Help before we upgrade the next Server Don. We really appreciate your Prompt Action and Support on that Day. Thx Don Again.

Ph.Pelleter to Everyone: Continuing @Francisco question. Live reports is great feature that does not works anymore with recent browsers. Any evolution?

mike sills to Everyone: is there anything else we need to check other than EH1 or 2 state? The last update our server was unavailable for 3 days so we just want to be careful

Donald Gray to Everyone: @timi, both and if they say EH1 then you need an update/

Donald Gray to Everyone: @mike not for Oracle

mike sills to Everyone: @Donald, thx

Francisco DO CASTELO to Everyone: Is there a way to test Business Service Console until to buy it? is that still supported?

Margaret Natario to Everyone: @Ph.Pelleter We continue to certify the latest versions of Chrome, IE and Firefox, if you've recently lost functionality with Live Health /Live Reports, please open a Support ticket

Robin Qin to Everyone: @Ph.Pelleter which browser/version you talk about for Live report?

Ph.Pelleter to Everyone: @Margaret. Well…new browser does not accept java plugin anymore as Edge or Firefox 64 bits.

brian Hunter to Everyone: I read that the session isn't a forum to discuss support or customizations, but I have a question that could just be answered yes or no.  Is there a way to give an eHealth user access to oneclick for ehealth with the minimal read-only access, but an exception to allow configuration of planned downtime for elements?

Margaret Natario to Everyone: @Francisco The BSC was stabilized some time ago so we do not actively develop or test it.  If you have eHealth, you have the BSC.

Jose to Everyone: can you please tell me if BTStudio still available for AR, and If its available, I can get a license for Bt Studio?

rich vernon to Everyone: @Brian, the permissions can really be configured to quite a bit of granularity, I think the way to do this would be to give the users access to those elements, then restrict everything else, if you are having trouble doing it, please open a support issue.

mike sills to Everyone: i thought AR was sunset years ago. We can use but not supported? Is that the current position?

Robert Keville to Everyone: @Jose - AR and BTStudio were EOL April 17, 2014 so it's no longer available. Please work with your account team for replacement options.

Jose to Everyone: @Robert, Ok thanks

Jose to Everyone: the replacement options for AR can be manage insisde eHealth or are a different tools, what are the level of integration with the other tools?

Robert Keville to Everyone: @ Jose - the options are not within eHealth and what would be available to you would depend on your business need

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright everyone, this is the 15 minute warning! Please get your last minute questions in now!

Francisco DO CASTELO to Everyone: Any Road map on SystemEdge with eHealth?

Francisco DO CASTELO to Everyone: and service availability

Margaret Natario to Everyone: @Francisco, I delivered the eHealth Roadmap Tuesday, see recording here

Francisco DO CASTELO to Everyone: @Margaret, I just finished to view the presentation but didn't heard anything on systemEdge. Did I miss something?

Alejandro Valdes Arcila to Everyone: Is there any documentation available about ehealth DB structure? i want to develop a different dashboard with the ehealth information

Jose to Everyone: I want too, to know if there is any DB structure that you can share with us. can you share DB structure?

Jose to Everyone: for me its important in order to get historical alarms, because eHealth just keep 1 week

Margaret Natario to Everyone: @Francisco You did not miss, while we continue to ceritify SystemEDGE agents as requested by existing customers, Service Availability and all SystemEdge-centric functionality in eHealth has been stabilized. Please review our list of announcements at

Donald Gray to Everyone: @Jose the actual schema is proprietary but in appendix F of the administration guide has the views and descriptions for querying the Oracle database

Jose to Everyone: @Donald, thanks I will check it

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright, that's it for today! Thank you for your questions! A transcript of today's session will be posted to the community later today.