Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘Data Adapter for VMware not correctly showing active/inactive VMs in CCC/CCR reports’

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Problem: After removing and subsequently re-adding any number of VMs from/to the inventory, the number of active/inactive VMs per cluster reported by the VMware Data Adapter no longer matches the number of active/inactive VMs shown in VMware Infrastructure. As a result, the Allocated vCPU/vRAM reports are also not consistent with the data shown in vCenter.


Cause: Removing a virtual machine from the inventory unregisters it from the host and vCenter Server, but does not delete it from the datastore. To be re-added, it just needs to be re-registered. To collect values against the CONF_ENTITY_ACTIVE_FLAG metric, which is used to build the SERVER_DIM_ACTIVE_VIEW metric, the VMware Data Adapter is currently using the vim.event.VmCreatedEvent event only, not the event that is triggered at re-registration (vim.event.VmRegisteredEvent) of the VMs and which reactivates them in vCenter.



  • To recover old missing event data, follow these steps:
    1. Extract the Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_Weekly_Entity.xml data source type definition file from the attached zip file.
    2. Use this file to create a customized Data Adapter following the instructions provided under Administrating, Data Manager Administration, Manage Data Source Types in the Capacity Management 2.9.3 documentation.
    3. Pull and migrate the old missing data against the CONF_ENTITY_ACTIVE_FLAG metric.
    4. In CCC, ensure that Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_Weekly_Entity.xml is a higher priority data source than all previous Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_* data sources. For more information, see Administrating, Capacity Command Center Administration, Configure Capacity Command Center, Enable and Prioritize Data Sources in the Capacity Management 2.9.3 documentation.
  • To update the existing VMware Data Adapters for ongoing data pulls:
    1. Extract the Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_Daily.xml and Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_Weekly.xml Data Adapter files from the attached zip file. These updated files take into account the aforementioned vim.event.VmRegisteredEvent event to populate the CONF_ENTITY_ACTIVE_FLAG metric.
    2. Deploy the updated DAs as follows:
      1. Stop the Apache Tomcat service (CA_CCC).
      2. Navigate to @ CA\Capacity Command Center<version> \ApacheTomcat\webapps\DM\WEB-INF\classes.
      3. Replace Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_Daily.xml and Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_Weekly.xml with the extracted files.
      4. Start the Apache Tomcat service (CA_CCC).