Red Hat EL 7.2 - how to configure RA daemon to start automatically after reboot

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Starting from RHEL v7.2  service configuration changed and as a result RA services (Server and Agent) will not start automatically after server reboot.

Currently  V6.1 doesn't support RHEL v7.2 but in case you need to run CA RA on this platform you can configure RA daemon using the following steps:


  1. Complete CA RA installation , it will create  symbolic links for RA services under /etc/init.d
  2. Create new file in /etc/systemd/system and name it SERVICE_NAME.service , e.g for RA server you can call it NolioASAP.service 
  3. Edit the file with the following content
    Description="Setup CARA as boot Service"
    ExecStart=/etc/init.d/NolioASAP start
    ExecStop=/etc/init.d/NolioASAP  stop
  4. Enable the new service by running systemctl enable NolioASAP
  5. Next time the server will reboot the service will start automatically , you can check the service status by running systemctl status NolioASAP , and start/stop the service by running  systemctl start NolioASAP and systemctl stop NolioASAP



  1. RA agent start and stop immediately:
    When checking the agent status you see that its start and immediately execute the stop command

    If this happen update agent service file (e.g NolioAGENT.service , locate in /ets/systemd/system) and add the following line RemainAfterExit=yes

    Reload the configuration by running systemctl daemon-reload
    Start the service and check the status , make sure its stay running

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