CA on CA Tech Tip - Integrating CA Workload Automation Autosys Edition Alarms / Events into CA Unified Infrastructure Management

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Hi Infrastructure Management Community,

As promised I am releasing the integration of Workload Automation Autosys Edition alarms into Unified Infrastructure Management that was presented during the CA on CA Webcast Featuring CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Attached is:

  • logmon.cfg which is the logmon probe configuration that we use to read the CA Workload Automation Autosys Edition event daemon log file
  • We have watchers in the configuration for the following
    • Job failure alarms (JOBFAILURE)
    • Terminated job events (TERMINATED)
    • Autosys running in single server mode (CAUAJM_I_10655)
    • Kill job events (KILLJOB)
    • Max run alarms (MAXRUNALARM)
    • Start job failure alarms (STARTJOBFAIL)
    • Agent offline
    • Agent online (used to automatically close the offline alarm when enabled once the agent is online)
    • Job pending due to offline agent (CAUAJM_I_40188)
    • Run window violation (CHK_RUN_WINDOW)
    • Autoping failure
    • Maximum retries exceeded (MAX_RETRYS)
    • Machine unavailable (MACHINE_UNAVAILABLE)
    • Database error (CAUAJM_E_18600)
    • Autosys failover (EP_ROLLOVER)
    • Job Success (SUCCESS) (used if you want to automatically close the alarm for a JOBFAILURE)
    • A catch all for all other alarm types

NOTE: This is only one method of integrating WA Autosys Edition alarms. You also have the SNMP trap option which is not discussed here as we do not use it.

Important items:

  • You will need to modify our provided configuration to point to the Autosys Event Daemon log file
  • Each event is a separate logmon watcher rule so enable and disable (even add) to suit your environment
  • To get alarms for critical jobs you will need to enable alarms on that job. Review the CA documentation.
  • We use the job name as the source of our alarms not the Autosys server. You can easily change this in the logmon probe by removing “${job_name}” as from the Watcher Rules > Alarm tab

Disclaimer: I work for CA Technologies in the IT department in the Tools and Automation Group. I am not a product manager or product developer and has such cannot provide product insight beyond what is in the publicly available documentation. I also know very little about CA Workload Automation beyond what was needed to create the integration.

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