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Document created by Melanie_Giuliani Employee on May 11, 2016
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Hi Community Members!


There are some major changes coming to this community soon, and this doc will walk you through all the details.


TDM is Moving In

CA Test Data Manager is moving into our community! All TDM content will be migrated into this community in the coming weeks, and a new category for CA Test Data Management will be added. This should not impact our community much, as all TDM content will be routed to its own product category.


With the addition of another product into the DevTest space, now might be a good time to experiment with "follow a tag" streams. These streams allow you to follow content for a specific product tag and can prove particularly useful when following a product that's located in a multi-product community. Info on how to set up a stream on a product tag can be found here: Following a Tag.


New Look and Feel

While we are in a transition period in this community, we will be using this opportunity to update the look and feel for the community. The changes to this community will be fairly minor, but there is a short overview of what you can expect below.


What you will likely notice right away is that we've added extra pages to the navigation tab located just underneath the community banner. In addition to our standard overview page, you will soon be able to navigate to a "Getting Started" page, a "Need Help" page an "Activity" page, and more! The addition of more pages will allow us to better organize content in the community and, in return, we hope you will be able to find what you need much faster!



So, what will this change look like? When you come to the DevTest community, you will land on an overview page much like the one we have on our community today, with one major's missing the Activity feed. Don't panic! The activity feed is still available, but it has just moved off onto it's own page, the brand new "Activity" page. The Activity page will feature the activity feed in addition to some tiles containing recent content like tech tips, unanswered questions, and more! Our goal is to make the activity page your 1-stop place for recent content on the community, whereas the Overview page will now be dedicated to featuring important content like helpful links, featured users, and featured content.


This chart will better explain the new pages in detail:


This is the main landing page. It is designed to provide a quick snapshot on important content (helpful links, related communities, etc). 

Getting StartedLooking to learn more about the products? This page will help you to get started with each product with beginner documentation and education courses.
Need Help?We recognize that many people come to the communities to get help with their products. This page is designed to help you quickly get answers to the questions you have or find tips to resolve any issues you're experiencing. Use the "Ask DevTest" form to type in keywords and find answered questions on the same topic, check out a list of recent tech tips and documentation, and browse our latest answered questions for timely advice. Navigating to the "Content' page will also allow you to find tips and answered questions for your specific product(s).
Testing ReconsideredOur community's newest product, CA Test Data Manager now has its own page! Check out the TDM product and all it has to offer on this page. If you're an existing TDM customer, you will find community content sorted just for you. If you're curious about what the product can offer, check out some of the marketing materials to get up to speed!
ActivityThe Activity feed that used to be on the main overview page is now here, on its own page. The right sidebar on this page will be used to feature recent content like recent blog posts, new ideas, unanswered questions, etc. 

No change to this page other than it is now 2 tabs to the right of the Overview Page. The main change you will notice is that there will now only be 1 category: CA Agile Requirements Designer. You can still organize and search for content by content type (blog, document, idea), tag, or filter by text.


This page shows all of the people who are following this community.

Subspaces and ProjectsAs of right now, we do not have any subspaces on this community, so this page will appear empty.

The Calendar page will give you a month by month view of what's happening in the community.


The Events page is a dedicated page meant to showcase all past, current and upcoming events with links so you can easily sort through and register for upcoming events!


As always, there is still the option to follow content via your inbox or activity streams.

Want to learn more about how to set up custom activity streams? Read this: Creating Custom Streams or watch this video: How to Create a Custom Stream. Here's more reading:  News and Streams. And this doc will walk you through the process of adding a tag to a custom stream: Following a Tag .


Need Help? Questions or concerns? Contact me: Melanie_Giuliani