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Lenn Thompson (CA): Good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us. We'll be getting started in just a couple minutes.

Lenn Thompson (CA): Alright, let's get started -- what questions do you have for our CA7 experts?

Lenn Thompson (CA): While we wait for the questions to start, I'd like to remind you to submit your session ideas for CA World '16! You can do so here:

Christopher Porter: What is upcoming in the next 6-18 months?  Any surprises like the move to use Datacom for the database?

Nikolai Ozerov: Good morning. My question is about CA 7 keeping its information in the database starting with R12. Before R12 the only way to retrieve jobs info  CA 7 was by using batch/CCI interface. Starting with R12 there is now a possibility to make a query to the database to retrieve job data. Is there any document describing the database table(s) format ?

Joshua Mays: I have an inquiry about the CA7 web client (release 11.3.3), is there or will there be a way to utilize xn.3 (id/pw maintenance) or ARTS (ca-11 restart) via the web client?

karthick: Hi all, were can i get ARTS command  ?

Stephen: What are the benefits of going to R12?

Marysue Redd (CA): @Nikolai--there is a member in CAL2JCL called AL2SQL which can be used for reporting  the r12 database.

Stephen: Are there any position changes on commands using the BTI in batch for R12 since we read the batch output files?

Marysue Redd (CA): @karthick--the ARTS command is documented in the Commands Guide.  It just takes you to CA 11 --  there you would enter whatever CA 11 command you want

Mark Warren (CA): @Christopher Porter - Yes changes will coming and keep an eye on the CA 7 home page and local user groups

Marysue Redd (CA): @Stephen--no changes to BTI input with r12

Christopher Porter: @Stephen - Our site has been using R12 for almost a year.  The benefit is that you have a real database behind the scenes holding the information.  As mentioned you can do SQL enquiries to the DB.  Plus the backup process is easier.

Nikolai Ozerov: Yes, the samples are very useful and they helped a lot when I played with the database. However, having a document describing some key columns of the table would make it a documented feature. Every developer knows that using undocumented interfaces should be avoided at all costs... 

Mark Warren (CA): @Christopher Porter - Also you can go to the and sign up for sprint reviews

Christopher Porter: @Mark Warren (CA) - what is a "sprint review"?

Marysue Redd (CA): @Nikolai-- if you need a special report  SQL, please open a case in SO and we'll help you and add to our documentation (or technical documents)

Roderick Woods (CA): @JoshuaMays -- currenlty the xn.3 and ARTS interface is not available via the Web Client.... please post an enhancement request to the ideation board on the support communities site and product management will review

karthick: What is the command for  recycling ca7?,  how to bring ca7 back without missing any jobs or files in queue ?

Mark Warren (CA): @Christopher Porter - Agile Development,  This will allow all customers to see what is being built in CA 7 before we deliver / release to the GA solution. Also it allows you the customer to have input to what is being built

Stephen: @Nickolai what is the real database giving you that you couldn't get previously?

Christopher Porter: @Nickolai - CA7 R12 uses CA Datacom/AD instead of the previous VSAM files.

Marysue Redd (CA): @karthick--/SHUTDOWN,xx is used to shutdown CA 7 cleanly (xx being a shutdown option--see the CA 7 Commands Guide for the options).  To restart just enter S,CA7ONL,TYPE=ERST and no queue data or scanned time frame is lost

karthick: @marysue thanks

Marysue Redd (CA): @karthick--you're very welcome

Nikolai Ozerov: It is not that I am after some specific information I could not retrive with the CA 7 commands. It is more about conveniency and power of the database interface versus getting the same info uisng commands in a batch interface / CCI. The idea of opening a case in SO looks very interesting. Thank you.

Mark Warren (CA): @Stephen -- The data bases provide today store and forward recovery, back ups while CA 7 is active and provides capabilities that VSAM does not in the Co-Operative Processing model

Mark Warren (CA): @Christopher Porter -- Co-Operative processing model allows us to run multiple CA7s accessing one datacom DB

Joshua Mays: Question about 11.3 Agent jobs, is there a method to filter jobs with LJOB by userid?  We have batch ag1 we can use to set an id, but no method for filtering

Stephen: Can you setup a WEB_SERV job as a UNIX job or does CA7 need to know it is a web services job? The script will have the required options for the web services.

Roderick Woods (CA): @Joshua -- you cannot filter on USERID because the USERID can be override in the CLANG definition

Stephen: Currently we run in batch in 11.3 and capture info and build a file to issue commands to POST jobs off if after a certain time. Can you run queries in 12.0 in batch to capture the output to build the POST commands?

Roderick Woods (CA): @Stephen --  a  CA 7 perspective, you can do either and it would not be a problem.

Marysue Redd (CA): @Stephen--whatever command you are using in 11.3 to gather the information is not changed by r12--you can continue to use the same process

Stephen: Great - thanks - so just where the info is kept is different.

Lenn Thompson (CA): What other questions are there for the team? We have about 30 minutes left in the session.

Nikolai Ozerov: Is there any time estimates for when the the next CA 7 version (R13) is expected to start making its way ?

Mark Warren (CA): @Nikolai -- The site is open today. The Development team is starting the design and sprint process this week. So please register since all information will be handled through this site

Nikolai Ozerov: OK, thank you.

Stephen: I wanted to thank Marysue for her great support on the CA7 community! I was wondering if it would be possible to have a contest for "weirdest job scheduled"? to see the different scheduling scenarios CA7 can handle.

Marysue Redd (CA): @Stephen--I LIKE IT!

Marysue Redd (CA): @Stephen--you start the thread and i'll pitch in

Stephen: OK, will do.

Mark Warren (CA): All - I am the director of Product Management and wanted to know if there were any features that are must haves that we have missed??

Mark Warren (CA): All -- Please register on for CA 7 development reviews. Also if you have any issues on doing so please let me know mark.Warren (CA)

Mark Warren (CA): All - the reason that I am stressing validate site is, we have adopted Agile and without customer input we will not be succesful

Stephen: What about a command to list the JCL with an option to list any JCL's missing? This will help identify skeletons before they happen, dev didn't deliver it? LJCL,JOB=TEST*,LIST=NOJCL

Mark Warren (CA): All - Question, does any of you have the requirement of running CA7 jobs on another sysplex hosting an agent ?

Marysue Redd (CA): @Stephen--we don't currently have any way to do this through CA 7.  You can create IDEA in the community -- best way to get new features included in CA 7

Stephen: OK - thanks

Stephen: Thanks Lenn for hosting and to CA for making great products, greater!

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Stephen: Thank YOU for joining us. I hope you found the session valuable!

Stephen: Yes it was, thanks.

Lenn Thompson (CA): Do we have any last-minute questions for the team? We have about 5 minutes left.

Lenn Thompson (CA): We'll wrap up then! Thanks so much for joining us. We hope to see you in the community!


Big thank you to warma02, Marysue and Roderick_Woods!