Configuring XMING and Putty to Forward X11 Session (needed when installing Spectrum 9.x, 10.x / CABI 6.3 JasperReports on Linux/UNIX) using a Windows box

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Configuring XMING:

  1. Download and install XMING
  2. Run the Application 'XLaunch' to verify the below settings:
    • Click on Save configuration and Finish to close the Xlaunch Window

Configuring PuTTy:

    • Download and run PuTTy
    • Under the Host Name, type the Linux/UNIX box hostname or IP Address
    • Select Window, set Columns and Rows to 120 and 50 respectively:
    • Under Connection, select Data, set Terminal-type string to xterm, set Terminal speeds to 38400, 38400, optionally you could set Auto-login username to avoid entering the username when logging in
    • Under SSH, select X11, click the Checkbox to Enable X11 forwarding, set the X display location to localhost:0.0
    • To Save the above, click Session and Save

   3. Run the XMING Application

   4. Ensure the XMING Application is seen in the Notification Area


   5. Now, through PuTTy, Load the Session we saved earlier to login to the Linux/UNIX box

   6. To verify PuTTy has been successfully configured, run the command xclock, you should see the clock appear:



For information on how to setup the Linux Machine to install Spectrum, please refer the below technical document:


For informational video on how to install CABI 6.3 JasperReports on Linux, please refer the below link: