TEC610645: Configure APM to connect to Oracle with Enterprise User Security (EUS). How to resolve the error: java.sql.SQLException: unsupported verifier type

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Document ID:  TEC610645

Last Modified Date:  5/5/2014

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Description:A known issue has been identified by Oracle when clients such as the APM Enterprise Manager attempt to connect when Enterprise User Security (EUS) has been enabled.EUS enables clients to connect to Oracle databases using LDAP authentication.Details about EUS are available at the Oracle documentation site:

Details about Oracle Bug ID 8254139 for the EUS problem are available at the Oracle support site:

For Oracle JDBC driver version, the workaround is to use -Doracle.jdbc.thinLogonCapability=o3 as a JVM startup option.

  • Note that this property is ignored for Oracle JDBC driver version


  • If the Enterprise Manager is invoked as a service:

    File : EMservice.conf
    location :<introscope install dir>\bin
    Modification Required : Add a new parameter "wrapper.java.additional.<n>=-Doracle.jdbc.thinLogonCapability=o3".
    (where <n> is the next number in sequence) to the # Java Additional Parameters section.

  • For all Enterprise Managers invoked by either method:

    Location : <introscope install dir>/config
    Modification Required : Append "-Doracle.jdbc.thinLogonCapability=o3" to the jvm option for:
         Defect Aggregation (defects.jvmArgs)
         Stats Aggregation (dailystats.jvmArgs)



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