TEC576360: CA Wily Technical Advisory: Native Memory Leak on IBM Java 1.6 when using -javaagent

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Description:CA Wily Technical Advisory: Native Memory Leak on IBM Java 1.6 when using -javaagentSolution:October 2011 - CA Wily has become aware of a potential issue on IBM Java 1.6 where an application under management may experience severe native memory overhead. This technical advisory describes the affected versions and platforms in more detail, and explains what remediation actions are recommended.

Problem Description
Applications running IBM's Java 1.6 will experience native severe memory overhead when monitored by the CA Introscope agent using the preferred -javaagent switch. This is due to a native memory leak in the JVM, and applications eventually run out of memory. The memory leak occurs irrespective of the max heap size (-Xmx) setting. The issue also occurs when Autoprobe instrumentation is disabled while still using -javaagent.

The issue is specific to object finalization in the IBM JVM. Details of this issue is available from IBM's website at http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg1IZ99243

Who is Impacted

  • This is due to a problem with the underlying JVM, and hence all versions of the Introscope agent are affected.

  • Customers using IBM JDK 1.6 SR9 or below and using the -javaagent switch are impacted.

You are not affected by this issue if:

  • You are using the Introscope agent on platforms other than IBM's JVM

  • You are using IBM JDK 1.6 SR10 and above

  • You are using the AutoProbe Connector (-Xbootclasspath) agent deployment rather than -javaagent

Solution Timing and Workaround

  • IBM has provided a patch to their JDK which can be obtained at http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg1IZ99243

  • As a temporary workaround, Introscope customers should use the AutoProbe Connector for IBM and deploy it in the bootstrap classpath using the -Xbootclasspath switch. Note that this is a temporary workaround only and it is recommended that customers obtain IBM's official patch that resolves this issue.



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