TEC1411716: How do I Address “Resource limit matched” Messages as Reported by File Systems of an OPMS installation?

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Last Modified Date:  6/11/2015
Authored By: Tom_Wyszomierski

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From the Monit documentation (https://mmonit.com/monit/documentation/), Monit is a utility for managing and monitoring processes, programs, files, directories and filesystems on a Unix system.

Monit is installed by default on every OPMS installation and the command ‘monit summary’ can be used to verify the state of all OPMS services and the root file system. Out of the box, the root filesystem is monitored using the following rules in /etc/monit/monitrc…..


Check device rootfs with path /

If space usage > 75% then alert


Check device rootfs_warning with path /

If space usage > 75% then alert

If space usage > 90% then unmonitor


Check device rootfs_critical with path /

If space usage > 90% then alert

Else if passed for 5 cycles then exec “usr/sbin/monit monit rootfs_warning”


If disc space usage is above these limits, monit summary will report the message "Resource limit matched". At this point, it is necessary to clear files from the file system to free up space. The most likely cause of file system growth is that the log files for the OPMS have grown too large. Check the directories /var/log/optunnel/ and /var/log/smartpop/ for any files of unusual size. It is safe to delete any of these files. Also, check the /tmp/ directory, as some monitors will use this directory to store temporary data. This data is safe to delete as well, however after deleting the data, it is necessary to restart the OPMS using “monit restart all”.


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