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You can configure CA SDM to automatically close the ticket. When the ticket is updated to the status automatically solved the closing will occur according to the number of working hours specified in the configuration.


  • Set hours of different lock for each tenant / tenant
  • Set of different closing time for each ticket type


  • Setting for the number of working hours. (Workhours)
  • 0 - Indicates that is not enabled
  • If there is no setting for the tenant / tenant, it is global configuration


CASDM_Turno_de_trabalho_01.jpg1. CA Service Desk Login
CASDM_Admin_Menu_EN.png2. Administration TAB
CASDM_Admin_Menu_Tree_EN.png3. Administration
4. Service Desk

5. Aplication Data

6. Codes

6. Auto close settings
7. Auto close Configurations list

8. Create

9. Type informations

10. Save



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