Multiple CIs on Request / Incident / Problem (CR to NR lrel/brel)

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Multiple CIs on Request / Incident / Problem (CR to NR lrel/brel)

This customization allows you to associate multiple CIs with a Request, Incident, or Problem.  The attached files show an example of this customization on Incident record.  To add this to the Request or Problem review the modifications to the detail_in form and copy the additional code to detail_cr or detail_pr.



  • Use at your own risk!  CA will not provide support for this level of customization.
  • CA may add an OOTB CR to NR LREL relationship in a future update.  Ideas for this functionality can be found here and here.  If you implement the functionality provided in this document  and CA releases this as an OOTB option you may have to extract the data out of the custom lrel table and import into an OOTB lrel table, then remove this customization.
  • Files are included in attached
  • Modified files are from 14.1.02, see comments in files know what to copy to earlier versions.


  1. Create a custom table via WSP
    1. zlrel_cr_nr
    2. Set function group to Incident/Problem/Request
  2. Add fields to custom table
    1. cr SREL cr
      1. Check Required
    2. nr SREL nr
      1. Check Required
    3. Last_mod_by, last_mod_dt, persistent_id, and producer_id will be added automatically.
  3. Save and publish schema changes
  4. Stop services
  5. Execute pdm_publish to add schema changes to the database
  6. Copy file named “zlrel_cr_nr.maj” to “nx_root\site\mods\majic”
  7. Start services
  8. Copy the htmpl files to nx_root\site\mods\www\htmpl\web\analyst
    1. Modified OOTB files includes comments prefixed with “Customer modification”
  9. Execute pdm_webcache -H



Screenshot (displays lrel data via list_nr.htmpl)



cdtj - How to create custom BREL/QREL/LREL attribute

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