Tech Tip: How to Configure cdm to Ignore Certain Filesystems or Devices? TEC000003079 (Updated)

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How can I configure the cdm probe using both the GUI and Raw Configure to ignore certain filesystems and devices?

We would like to avoid that the probe starts alerting on each new drive.



Using Raw Configure, you can modify two fields within the 'disk folder' to allow the probe to start and ignore non-true filesystems:


-          Ignore_device = none  

(Since all the devices we want to ignore have their device listed as none this is a lot easier than ignoring the different mount points).



-          Ignore_filesystem = /regex for filesystems to ignore /

(i.e. /\/(dev|mnt)\/.*/ (i.e. this will ignore all filesystems under /mnt and /dev which are "special" in that they are either device nodes or temporary)

The proper use is to enter a regular expression for these options that will match those disks and/or file systems you want the cdm probe to ignore.


You can set use the cdm GUI to set filesystems to be ignored, as shown here:



More Examples:

Scenario 1: ignore all automounted disks that are recognized on each disk interval.



ignore_device = /autofsmount.*|.*:\/.*/

ignore_filesystem = /^(\/proc|[A-Za-z0-9\-]+\:\/.*)/


Scenario 2: Ignore all automounted disks drives that contain the word “Abc123”



ignore_device = /autofsmount.*|.*:\/.*/

ignore_filesystem = /.*Abc123.*/






Additional Information:


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