TEC1239446: 10.2 installer: Upgrading EM fails to edit tess-db-cfg.xml with the correct values when converting from Oracle to Postgres

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Document ID:  TEC1239446
Last Modified Date:  5/27/2016
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With 10.2 APM Postgres database installed on a separate machine, after running the installer to upgrade an EM to 10.2 EM, the resulting tess-db-cfg.xml points to the old Oracle APM database.



A previous version of EM is pointing to a Oracle APM database, which is installed on a separate machine other than the EM.  Now we installed a new 10.2 APM Postgres database on a separate machine.  We are upgrading the existing EM to APM 10.2, and we are pointing the 10.2 EM to the new 10.2 APM Postgres database.



tess-db-cfg.xml was not correctly edited during the upgrade process through the 10.2 EM installer, when switching between Oracle and Postgres for the APM database.


Steps to Reproduce:

Pre-condition: user installed a 10.2 APM Postgres database on a separate machine

a. User runs the 10.2 EM installer to upgrade an existing EM instance of an older APM version, which points to a Oracle APM db of an older APM version.

b. When it asked for APM database information, we selected "PostgreSQL", then "choose an existing database".

c. We entered the APM Postgres database host name and port number, and also the applicable username/password.

d. After the upgrade was completed, despite selecting "Postgres" and specifying the new Postgres host name and port, the resulting tess-db-cfg.xml still points to  the old Oracle database.


Values in tess-db-cfg.xml during the steps above:

1. working tess-db-cfg.xml BEFORE the upgrade has the following line to point to the Oracle db (pre 10.2):

jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=<Oracle Host>)(PORT=1525))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=<serviceName>)))


2. After the upgrade to 10.2 selecting a Postgres APM database in installer, the 10.2 tess-db-cfg.xml still has the following line, which points to the old Oracle database:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=<Oracle Host>)(PORT=1525))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=<serviceName>)))



1. Manually edit the 10.2 tess-db-cfg.xml with the following info to make it work; what it should be:

jdbc:postgresql://<Postgres Host>:5432/cemdb


Additional note:


This issue is currently under review for a fix in future releases.

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