TEC1815021: Unable to close CEM incidents

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Document ID:  TEC1815021
Last Modified Date:  6/8/2016
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    • CA Application Performance Management
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    • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.0
    • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.1
    • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.2
    • CA Application Performance Management:Release:CA APM 9.7
    • CA Application Performance Management:Release:CA APM 9.6
    • CA Application Performance Management:Release:CA APM 9.5
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    • WILY CEM


  Not able to close Incidents under CEM UI Incident Management, it keep loading and never stops.



  Introscope from 9.1x to 10.x



  This may happen due to a high number of defects in the APM Database.  Often, this occurs when the number of defects exceeds more than a million.



Use either of these two approaches:


Approach 1: SQL Query 

Run the following query against the database:

update ts_biz_events set ts_status = 1 where ts_status in (2,3,4)

Note: ts_status = 1 (Close), 2 = Open, 3=Pending, 4=Aged out.


Approach 2: APM CE (CEM) Export Tool  Use the export tool with these command-specific parameters: -incidentid -comments(optional)

                For example:
                java -jar CEMExportTool.jar -host cembox -username username -password password -port 8081 -command 20 -incidentid 1 -comments "Closed from CEMExportTool by someone"


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