Migrating Jaspersoft Reports with Jaspersoft Studio

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As a developer new to Jaspersoft I'm spending a great deal of time drinking from the firehose trying to learn all the ins-and-outs of a new reporting tool. Something former CA PPM reporting tools have been lacking are good Release Management features for simple, reliable, repeatable promotion of report content from Development to Test to Production environments. Good news here is that Jaspersoft Studio has us covered. If you haven't tried this yet, follow along.


Most results from Google for moving reports between environments revolve around command line solutions. Until I can find better documentation I want to capture how to easily migrate Jaspersoft reports between environments with Jaspersoft Studio for the CA PPM Community.


For this "how to" we'll be migrating a simple Jaspersoft report called Resource Spend with custom Input Controls that are in a folder different than the report's Main.jrxml.


Export the Report Unit from a Lower Environment.

   1) In Jaspersoft Studio's Repository Explorer, right click on the folder of the report you wish to migrate and choose Export Metadata.



   2) Give your export zip a name and pick a location to export the report unit archive to. For simple promotion of a new report, uncheck all Include 'X' checkboxes then click Finish.



A zip file archive of the Report Unit (report and dependent files) will be created.


Import the Report Unit into a Higher Environment (Promoting).

   1) In Repository Explorer expand the first level of folders on the Jaspersoft server you wish to migrate your Report Unit into (this 'activates' the server connection). Right click on the server node and select Import Metadata.



   4) Select the Report Unit zip archive exported in step 2 above. For simple migration of a report, uncheck all Import Options then click Finish.



   5) In Repository Explorer right click on the Jaspersoft Server you've just imported into and select Refresh.



   6) In Repository Explorer expand the folders and inspect the newly imported Report Unit and dependencies. In the example below, although we only selected the Resource Spend folder in step 1 above for export, the whole Report Unit - all the contents of the report folder and report dependencies - were exported into the zip archive and the full folder structure and dependencies were brought into the new environment via the import.



   7) Log into the CA PPM environment that corresponds to the Jaspersoft Server instance you've imported into, find the report and test test test!


It's great to finally have report migration capability like this in our toolkit. Hope this helps the next CA PPM Community traveler!

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