CCR Storage Reports

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These storage reports can be added to your CCR portal.


This pack provides five new reports.  Note dependencies.

  1. LUN Trend (all).  For all LUNs within a group, show the trend of the total GB used. This is a line chart, also shows total and 95% of total
  2. LUN Upgrade history.  This shows when the LUN GB available metric changes
  3. LUN Usage: a summary view of the current utilization, trend, sparkline and headroom within a LUN
  4. LUN trend (individual): available from the drill-down page
  5. Individual LUN upgrade history: available from the drill-down page





  • LUN_USED_SIZE_MB and LUN_TOTAL_SIZE_MB must be stored as entity data (and referenced from Hyp_Entity_Fact_View)
  • Group context sensitive



  • Go to ~CCR/portal/Integration/Data Manager. Copy the XML file there as STORAGE_CORE.xml, renaming the old one. 
  • Go to the SQL subdirectory, copy the SQL file there, renaming the old one.  Execute "mysql < MySQL_STORAGE_CORE.SQL"
  • Ensure that any LUNs are explicitly added into any CCR groups



Reports provided "as is". Can be extended/modified to look at any storage/disk capacity metric in entity_fact.