Tech Tip - CA Privileged Access Manager: External API call fails with 401 error

Document created by prira01 Employee on Jul 13, 2016Last modified by kristen.palazzolo on Dec 17, 2016
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After provisioning API request credentials following instructions in the CA PAM 2.6 Implementation Guide in a CA PAM cluster environment, an attempt to make an external API call using the API request credentials fails with error code 401 and message "Unauthorized: The attempt to retrieve the user's password for login failed. Please check with an administrator for further details.". The session logs contain a message "User *** using API key YYY can't perform GET operations while cluster is stopped ...". But the cluster is ON and in sync.



The customized default password view policy (PVP), which automatically is associated with the target account that is created while the API request credentials are provisioned, had the "Checkout/Checkin" and "Change Password On View" options checked.



Change the default PVP or associate the target accounts for the ApiKey target application with a different PVP that does not have both options set.