OPS/MVS and ESP integration

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CA Workload Automation ESP 11.4 provides new empowering ways to integrate with CA OPS/MVS 12.3.


Create API Events in OPS/MVS from ESP


ESP lets you use CALLOPS command to create an API event in OPS/MVS.  Let's look at an example.


CALLOPS Command example:



This is an example monitor event with monitor variables available. With the above CALLOPS command rule in place, when a job abend triggers the event, ESP creates an OPS/MVS API event CAESP0ALRT with the text similar to the following: ESP alert: job CYBTEST(54181) S806.  Please see CA WA ESP Edition Built-in Monitor Variables paragraph of ESP Advanced User guide for more ESP build-in monitor variables.


Important! ESP APAR RO78156 must be applied.


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ESP as Host Command Environment in REXX called from OPS/MVS


ESP command processor can be used as host command environment in REXX. This means you can now execute ESP commands directly from REXX!  This integration is intended for use in REXX programs under CA OPS/MVS.  Let's look at an example...


ADDRESS ESP example:



     waeecmd = 'LJ OPSJOB'

     address ESP


     say 'RC of cmd 'waeecmd'='rc

     cmdoutlines = QUEUED()

     say 'Collected output for 'waeecmd':'

     do cmdoutlines

       pull cmdout

       say ' ***>'cmdout






In this example ADDRESS is set to ESP and LJ OPSJOB (List Job) command is executed against X114 ESP subsystem. The return code of the executed command is printed out along with the output of the command itself.


Important! ESP APAR RO75777 must be applied.


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