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Get the latest product news with monthly webcasts from CA PPM experts.


Upcoming Webcasts



NPD for Software

December 20, 2018

From concept to cash, it’s not easy to keep your eyes on the prize through the whole product development cycle. Biggest problem with NPD for software is that some data sits in the PPM app, some in the DevOps tool, other in Microsoft Excel, with comments and change requests evenly distributed between emails, IMs and phone calls. Take charge of the chaos. Come see how integrating CA PPM and CA Agile Central helps you turn ideas into new revenue streams.

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Past Webcasts


Strategic Planning with Roadmaps

November 15, 2018 Watch

With drag-and-drop speed, you can outline key initiatives, add budgets, resources and tasks. Involve executives early in the cycle and give teams a clear understanding of the work. By getting rid of dense request forms, and eliminating so-called organization fatigue, this top-down approach, accelerates your projects and products. 


What's New in CA PPM 15.5

October 18, 2018

Don't miss this live demo of the new CA Project & Portfolio Management solution. From a new mobile app to easy ways to define, allocate and track your teams across the entire portfolio, CA PPM 15 helps you work smarter.


Financial Management

August 16, 2018 Watch | Presentation

With the shift to more agile-based development cycles, the PMO and her counterparts in the finance department are faced with new challenges properly tracking capital and operational expenditures in accordance with the law. Sonja Furneaux, a project portfolio consultant with long experience in financial management, will guide us through the obstacles and show us how to set up and run project finances aligned both with the latest Agile methodologies and accounting policies.


Resource Management

July 26, 2018 Watch

Keeping track of all your resources isn’t easy. Knowing what they are currently working on, or how much time they actually spend on a specific project is close to impossible. Instead of drowning in an avalanche of Microsoft Excel sheets, map your organization in CA PPM based on skills, geography and availability. Run what-if scenarios to find the perfect team, and manage ad hoc staffing with a few clicks. Join product expert Dave Sprague to learn how CA PPM helps you modernize your resource management.


Project Management

June 21, 2018 Watch

See how the new project manager experience in CA PPM helps you keep stakeholders and team members informed, track down people and remove obstacles to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery. Get an up close view of the project management capabilities in CA PPM 15.4.

Additionally, CA Education discussed the new and exciting features of the CA Productivity Accelerator (CA PA) v13.


Roadmapping: Accelerate your innovation

April 19, 2018

Most of us are stuck building road maps from the ground up, filling out hundreds of required fields just to get started. But there’s a better way. Join us to learn how to get alignment between your business goals and investments by planning from the top down with road maps. Simplify your road map and bring new ideas to market faster.


What's New in CA PPM 15.4

March 15, 2018

Learn about the amazing new CA Project & Portfolio Management. Beyond IT, CA PPM 15.4 drives innovation across the entire company. Don't miss this live demo by the CA PPM product management team.


Modern Resource Management

February 15, 2018 Watch

Many PPM apps force resource managers to navigate through multiple screens or create workflows just to see what people are working on—rendering the data unreliable. The new CA PPM lets you optimize staff utilization across the entire company with a single solution. Come and see for yourself.


Team Work on Task Boards & New Learning Services

January 18, 2018 Watch

Check out the new task boards in CA PPM 15.3. Create a visual task list in minutes. For each project, set your own process flow, assign staff to tasks and prioritize work. Keep all team members in synch and share your plans with other groups and executives. Also, find out about the new CA Learning Subscriptions which feature content on CA PPM.



Financial Management in CA PPM 15.3

December 14, 2017 Watch | Presentation

Follow the financial lifecycle in CA PPM 15.3, from capital planning to benefit realization – for both traditional and agile projects. Come learn about time tracking and how to use the financial data to manage day-to-day operations.


Power BI for CA PPM 15.3

November 16, 2017 Watch

We're extending the CA PPM data warehouse by opening it up to third-party tools like Microsoft Power BI. See how it works.


What’s New in CA PPM 15.3?

October 19, 2017

Get an overview of the new features released in CA PPM 15.3, including modernized financial management, fast and easy configuration, portfolio analytics and Kanban.


Take Advantage of CA PPM Application Management Services

September 21, 2017 Watch

Find out how AMS can help your organization drive maximum value from CA PPM through higher user adoption, smoother version upgrades and deeper product maturity.


Plan, Prioritize and Track: Power of portfolio management 

August 17, 2017 Watch 

Your projects are too valuable for guess work. Learn how to review investments with what-if scenarios based on real budget projections.


Run Eye-Opening Reports Today: Learn latest CA PPM reporting

July 20, 2017 Watch 

Learn about advanced reporting in CA PPM, including sharing reports, mixing formats and customizing dashboards. Make better decisions with your data.


The Joy of Upgrading: CA can move you higher

June 15, 2017 Watch | Presentation

Now it’s easy to upgrade to the latest CA PPM version. Hear lessons-learned from recent migrations and see how CA can help you modernize in the cloud or on the ground.


Project Management Your Way: New Role-Based Experience

May 18, 2017 Watch | Presentation

Learn how the new project manager experience in CA PPM helps you keep team members informed, track down people and remove obstacles to ensure project confidence. Get an up close view of the new project management capabilities in CA PPM 15.2.


What's New in CA PPM 15.2  

April 20, 2017 Watch | Presentation

The latest version of CA Project & Portfolio Management provides new role-based user experiences and deeper integration into Agile Central. As Millennials switching jobs at a high rate, CA PPM 15.2 helps businesses match evolving skill sets with the right projects tools. Staffing issues can be solved in real time with new collaboration tools. A new feature called Telescoping lets resource managers take care of both long and short term needs from a single screen. And the CA PPM time-management now is available for developers working inside Agile Central.


How to Modernize the PMO with Agile

March 16, 2017 Watch | Presentation

Project management offices are adopting agile to keep up with today’s frantic market demands. To stay competitive, transformation projects, product launches and company reorganizations must come in on time and under budget. James Chan explains how connecting Agile Central to CA Project & Portfolio Management gives both business analysts a detailed view of all investments and developers a clear understanding of their impact on the bottom line. James will also discuss best practices, customer examples and tips and tricks.
Presenter: James Chan, Director of CA PPM Presales


Time & Resource Management

February 16, 2017 Watch | Presentation

Often, time management is seen as “big brother” to individual contributors. However, the information gathered from time entry provides valuable cost oversight to an organization. Not only can accurate time capture help to ensure accurate cost tracking, but it can assist in capitalizing work and creating innovation tax credits to help an organization’s bottom line. This session will show company’s how to accurately capture timesheets and use this information from a financial perspective.


Understanding IT Demand: Impact on Resources

January 19, 2017 Watch | Presentation

Learn how to manage the never ending flow of request and effectively allocate your resources to align with the priorities of the business.



Financial Planning: Focus on Portfolios, Programs and Projects

December 15, 2016 Watch | Presentation

Learn more about how to balance incoming demand with existing commitments and capture the information you need to make smart investment decisions.


Realizing the Value of Application Portfolio Management: Exposure & Managing Risk  

November 10, 2016 Watch | Presentation

Learn more on the true value of application portfolio management.


Management Insights  

October 20, 2016 Watch | Presentation

This webcast will provide an overview of reporting and analytics features in CA PPM.


CA PPM 15.1 Release Overview  

September 15, 2016 Watch | Presentation

This session will introduce customers to the latest capabilities in the CA PPM 15.1 release.


Financial Management  

August 18, 2016 Watch | Presentation

In this webcast the team will overview the broad range of Financial Management capabilities in CA PPM.




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