How to add a Support Online project ID to a account

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This article focuses on how to join a Support Online project when the project ID already exists.

 What is a Support Online project ID?

A project ID is a type of customer site ID on It is set up for a specified time period which is chosen by a project manager.

It is used when companies have projects going on which means a set of employees or subcontractors/ outsourcers/ service providers may need have access to support case management for a subset of the company’s CA products. An example of a project for which a project ID can be set up could be implementations, upgrades, etc.


Instead of allowing all project members access to entire the company’s site Id for all their CA products, a 7- digit project site ID ( or child site ID) is created which allows individuals from within and external staff access to only relevant products and cases.



My company already have a project Id registered but when I log into my account, I cannot see the Support Online project ID listed in the site id drop down list. I cannot view or open cases for the Support Online project ID. How do I add this to my account?


Please follow the steps outlined below.



1.Log into your account and select Launch Classic Support Page




  1. Once logged in please select CA Technologies Project Management located in the menu bar on the left side of the screen.


3 . After the page updates, please select Join a Project located in the middle of the page.



  1. On the next page please enter the project ID you are requesting access to and click Submit.



5.Project ID is now visible in the site id drop down list after adding it to the Support Online account.




If your company has not yet set up a project Id, please view this article for instructions on how to do so and further information on setting up, using and editing a project Id: