Rebuild An Index for Growth

Document created by Gary_Cherlet on Aug 12, 2016
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In the attached PDF there is a description of how to rebuild an index for growth to avoid causing index problem if not properly sized.  We learned our lesson from a previous problem which is described below - the rest of the paper discusses what caused the problem, how we fixed it, issues relating to SR8 size relative to page size, what happens when an SR8 won't fit into its target page. Here is a summary of run-time impact before and after the rebuild for growth:


In the morning before change:         Processing 2000 transactions took 3 hours, 3000 Calls to IDMS and 1 million Page Read


After the page size change:             Processing 6000 transactions took 6 minutes, 30,000 Calls to IDMS and 2000 Page Read


The "Rebuilding for growth" technique described in the attachment will delay splitting many SR8s in the index - thus reducing the performance problem when disconnecting or erasing members from the index. An XLS SR8 size calculator is also attached.


Published for IUA/EIUA by Gary Cherlet on behalf of Paul Mak (Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sydney, Australia)

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