CA Security Community: What You May Have Missed (AUG 22-28)

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News & Announcements

[NOTICE] New to CA World: The CA Accelerator Zone welcomes users of CA Privileged Access Manager 

Happy National Dog Day! 

Support Docs & Tech Tips

Latest Knowledge Base Articles published for CA Privileged Identity Manager (22-Aug-2016) 

Step by Step instructions to install CAIM 12.6.7/12.6.8 and IDP 1.6.x on WAS 8.5.5 running on RedHat 

Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On: Timestamp precision error against IBM DB2 10.x policy store 

Tech Tip - CA Identity Management and Governance Last week's Knowledge Documents 

SLIDES: Bring Your Journey to the Cloud with Identity-as-a-Service 

Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On:Policy Server:Does Policy server supports TLSv1.1/TLSv1.2 protocol for LDAP connectivity with Policy Store/User Store 

How to prevent account template association removal from an account that was move out-of-bound on an endpoint 

Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On: Policy Server configuration wizard failing with InvocationTargetException 

Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On:Policy Server:Custom Authentication scheme Debug Logging 

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On [AUGUST 2016] 



Bridge Your Journey to the Cloud with Identity-as-a-Service 


Answered Questions

Do not automatically remove management groups during an XML hierarchy synch 

What are the variables available in smpwservices.fcc ? 

Journal refresh 

Different ACO for each apache virtual host 

Encrypt AgentName causing issues 

Saml Assertion - NS2 

SSO Java SDK "Get All" Methods 


Open Questions

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SharePoint Authentication via SUN EDS : Allow Authentic and Anonymous users to search 

Policy server backup failure 

Existe alguna integración o conector con bases de datos Teradata y con Oracle Directory Server? 

smpwservices.fcc doesn't put username in query string 

CA PIM-PAM access flow - Template 

Application is redirecting to SSO URL due to absence of login-token in response from CA Federation Manager 

Steps for Integrating IBM Qradar with CA Strong Auth 

Identity Suite - Technical White Paper HA, scalability, disaster recovery, failover 

IM Env not starting...cound not find the org unique name for flat structure 

SeOS Binary for Oracle Enterprise Linux server 7.2 

CA PAM support for Password Management of Network Devices 

Las empresas que actualmente estan utilizando PIM podrian migrar a PAM con las mismas licencias o habría que adquirir una nueva? 

Can't get Multiwrite last updated time for 'PS' 

Siteminder Upgrade 

Select Endpoints for Password Propagation 


New Ideas

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PIM: [ER] seosd needs to be changed to multi thread. 

ObserveIT 6.6.2 integration 

Add a 'silent intervention' check box option to the standard search 

Increase buffer size for sm_assertion_claims 

Rollover functionality for CCS log 

Add PasswordDigest to WSS Username Token Tews Policy 

CA PAM is not compatible with Cisco ISE 

PIM: Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS & Kernel 3.13.0 BrandZ virtual linux x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux support for PIM 12.8 SP1 

Need a new ACO parameter BadCssSequence so that Web Agent detects UTF-8 backslash characters %c2%a5. 

Add Time Slicing Logging for CA PPM 

ACO Auditing 



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