What you may have missed (July/August 2016)

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CA UIM Connector v3.6.0 - GA Announcement 


CA World Info

The CA World '16 Session Catalog is Now Live! 

We're not offering 50% more pre-conference education -- it's 100% more! 


Upcoming Events



Events you might have missed

Webcast Recap - SOI: Report Integration with CABI JasperReports Server 

July 2016 Webcast Replay - SOI: Report Integration with CABI JasperReports Server 


New Tech Tips

SOI Tech Tip: The EEM EiamAdmin User Password has changed 

SOI Tech Tip: Backup Management of customized XML files in SOI 

GenericSNMP connector fails to startup after APM connector is installed on the same connector server 

SOI Tech Tip: SOI Manager does not startup 

SOI Tech Tips: How to use German Language in SOI Jasper Reports 


New Videos

CA UIM Integration: Flexible CI Mapping  


New Ideas

Oracle 12 support for UIM Connector 

Mobile app supporting push notifications for alerts 

Delete complete Service Model with Universal Connector 

SOI & HelpDesk Integration: Need way to add new status matching 

SOI Tweak Needed: HD Integration needs closed check added 

Functionality to delete single CI's (Console and database)  

Functionality to display complete Service Tree 

Support of other languages 

SOI 4.0 CUM1 certification with Event Integration 

Add new ci_types automatically to UIM Connector Configuration 

Customize mouse-over for CIs within a Service 

SOI Auto-clear tickets 

SOI bidirectional integration with ticketing 

SOI Maintenance mode selection ability 

Show Name of Queue in Alert "Update History" 

Access to Connector Documentation 

SCOM 2016 Support 

Add Show/Hide option to Alert Queue Filter 

SOI: Synchronize Trouble Ticket IDs between SOI and Spectrum 


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