New APM & ASM Knowledge Docs For August 2016

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New KDs for August 2016



1.  What is causing this XmlHttpPlugin: XML parse error in HTTP component error in the TIM log every 10 seconds? TEC1785816 


2.  Implementing x-forwardfor header in the Webserver, affects user groups and defects.  TEC1483142  


3. Error in TIM Collector log related to AutoGen (automatic transaction discovery) TEC1655294


4. WebLogic 12cR2 compatibility on APM 10.2 TEC1260839


5. What is the purpose of the buffers in log file(IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log)? TEC1484766


6. Can the new APM 10.3 WebView feature "Transaction Trace Action" be defined for metric alerts other than those related to CEM/Business Transactions. The 10.3 wiki implies it is a CEM only feature. TEC1349138


7. Installing APM 10.3 with vMTP 10.6. TEC1084614


8. APM CE (CEM) and Concurrent Session Usage TEC1345143


9.  What SSL cipher suites are supported by Agent Recorder?  TEC1485477


10. After successfully editing the MTP Hardware Filters the TIM is not receiving expected network packets. TEC1110927


11.  [WARN]Dynamic Instrumentation is not available for the agent.   TEC1397236


12. Installation of Postgres Database fails TEC1326707


13. Unable to start Introscope Enterprise Manager and see the error message, "Could Not Create Java Virtual Machine."  TEC1749494


14. Unable to start Introscope Enterprise Manager due to Stack Size. TEC1818675


15. How to interpret the time value (ms) for the individual components in the Stalled transaction Stack View? TEC1425593


16. EPAgent RESTFUL Metrics  TEC1060036


17. System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type com.wily.powerpack.webservices.extension.WSMContextProperty TEC1652086


18. After upgrading, the Agent loses Custom Domain and Historical Metrics.


19. [ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.CommandQueue] Agent reporter thread caught unexpected exception TEC1525277


20.  What are the minimum set of permissions required by the APM db user? Can I use "application user" instead of a "schema owner"? TEC1947958


21. MOM Performance issues, Agent disconnections, unable to login to the workstation TEC1190762


22. How to enable and query APM REST API? TEC1748203


23. RTTM collection service is stuck on "In progress" TEC1638778


24. Unable to startup the powerpack for webservers in unix  TEC1360173


WebSphere PMI Metrics are not displaying - getting the Application Server error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.wily.introscope.api.websphere.IntroscopeCustomService TEC1110362


26. Introscope - SOI integration Checklist TEC1456865


27. CEM - SOI integration checklist TEC1125854


28. Autoprobe naming for "System" and "Web Service" metrics. TEC1699854


29. Default login and Password for AXA (MAA). TEC1368045


30. When Exporting Raw Data in ASM, what does the "Type" Column Represent? TEC1279402  ENG


31.  Does TIM support multiple SSL certificates in a single domain? TEC1145564


32.  How to instrument a standalone .NET application (does not run under IIS) so that it reports metrics with Custom Process Name. TEC1554007


33. How to update packages on Debian 8 based OPMS servers TEC1164109


34. Impact of leap seconds on APM TEC1820163


35. Unable to send an email using SMTP Mail Action Notification from WebView TEC1554448


36.  How to add another Enterprise Manager port in addition to 5001 TEC1769605


37. TEC1199947 Fully qualified domain name for AXA (formerly MAA) install TEC1199947


38.Too many Core file being generated under /opt/CA/APM/tim  TEC1557941


39. What changed between and EM installers? TEC1545958 

40. Introscope Enterprise Manager installer fails on windows 10 TEC1085305 


41. After setting up SSL communication on EM, agent cannot connect with EM via SSL  TEC1731105 


42. Perfmon collector not reporting metrics  TEC1464877


43.  CodeCache JMX metrics not reporting  TEC1811677


44.  Recommendations about how to adjust the correlationid.maxlimit and sequenceid.maxlimit agent properties to prevent a CorID continuous growth TEC1275243


45. What is the difference between and TEC1863404


46.  Websphere JVM crashes in out of memory TEC1335776


47. How to debug SSL connection problems between Enterprise Managers and Agents or Standalone Agents and 3rd party products e.g. WebSphere MQ TEC1792134


48. Upgrade of 10.2 to 10.3 causes an issue in Oracle DB


49. Some nodes (or folders) under the Agent like Frontends, Backends, Weblogic and etc. are missing in Investigator after the agent upgrade from 9.5 to 10.2.   TEC1909598


50. Seeing massive Backend and WebServices metric trees and discovered that using Backend paths do not help remedy the WebService metric explosion  TEC1900741

51. Why are some users detected by the TIM and not detected by the EM?TEC1693305


52. What components have been removed from APM 10.2? TEC1802056


53. What platforms does APM for CA SSO r13.0.0 support?  TEC1099648


54. WARN buffer consumer thread interrupted TEC1638683


55. Problems with installing and running the Introscope Workstation on CentOS 7 TEC1221822


56. SSL Endpoint Analysis report for secure 10.1+ EM Web Server shows LOGJAM Vulnerability for DH key length of 1024 bits (nation-state surveillance) TEC1217483


1. What versions of APM 10 are compatible with vMTP 10.6?  TEC1292722
2. An ADA/MTP/APM TIM Release Compatibility List. TEC1241257
3. SERVICE PACK::9.5.1 - Part 1 TEC605134 
4. In APM 10.x what feature does new EM/WebView Jetty web server config SSL property "certAlias" provide and how can the keystore be updated with own Private Key/Certificate pair for that alias value. TEC1342969
5.  Java agent causing error: Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to TEC1210346 

1.SERVICE PACK::9.1.4  TEC596130
2.SERVICE PACK::9.1.5  TEC596131
3. Alternatives to support for BRTA TEC600887