Tech Tip : NAS will not write UIM alarm into database after upgrade.

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  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management


The NIS Bridge thread will not start after a NAS probe upgrade to 4.73.

The new alarms (Alarms happened after NAS probe upgrade) are visible in IM tool (Alarm Window in Infrastructure Manager). However, no new UIM alarms are visible in UMP - USM.

You may see SQL errors in nas.log


nas: sqlserver-nis-create.sql:65 - Query timeout expired
nas: sqlserver-nis-create.sql:65 - [0x80040e31] IDispatch error #3121 - [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] Query timeout expired, statement: --#NIS_BRIDGE_UPDATE_V8 SECTION START
ALTER TABLE NAS_TRANSACTION_SUMMARY ADD insert_count bigint constraint defaultzero default (0) not null
nas: sqlserver-nis-create.sql:68 - Column name 'insert_count' does not exist in the target table or view.
nas: sqlserver-nis-create.sql:68 - [0x80040e14] IDispatch error #3092 - [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] Column name 'insert_count' does not exist in the target table or view., statement:
nas: COM Error [0x80040e14] IDispatch error #3092 - [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] Invalid column name 'insert_count'.
nas: Update to schema version 9 failed. Reverting schema version to 8 to try again
nas: NiS Bridge is unable to start, retrying: XX


- Windows 2008 R2
- NAS 4.73
- CA UIM version 8.2
- Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2


The NAS probe has "schema versioning" information in NAS_VERSION table.
Since NAS 4.73 has schema versioning "9", the probe checks the versioning first, and if a lower version is detected, it runs some SQL to update the schema. The SQL statement is described in <NAS>/<Database>-nis-create.sql

In this case, the previous NAS versioning was "8", and NAS 4.73 runs statements in NIS_BRIDGE_UPDATE_V8 SECTION


However, in a large UIM environment, NAS_TRANSACTION_SUMMARY table with large size, SQL statements (such as ALTER TABLE) may take an extremely long time to finish.

The problem is that NAS probe runs SQL through Microsoft OLE DB Provider (a.k.a ADO) which has a default 30 seconds for its timeout.  If a query takes an extremely long time, it fails with a timeout. As a result, schema update fails, then NIS Bridge not start.