[TRANSCRIPT] September 8 CA Workload Automation DE Office Hours

Document created by Lenn Thompson Employee on Sep 8, 2016
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Lenn Thompson (CA): Good morning, everyone. We'll be getting started in just a few minutes.

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Daniel I received your email this week -- waiting to hear back from someone who I think can help!

Daniel Diaz: @Lenn Thank you sir

Lenn Thompson (CA): Alright -- let's get started. What questions do you have for the DE team today?

Lenn Thompson (CA): Are there any questions for the team today?

Pavel: Good morning!

Srinivasarao Kommineny (CA) (CA): Hi All, Thanks for joining this session. Please do let us know on how can we help you. One quick update is that we are in the phase of finalizing DE R12 SP1 release. Some of you has already got invitations to Customer Validation sessions.

Chris Pace: is this for DE? or AE?

Steven Bartolini (CA): DE sir.

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Chris: This month's session is for DE

Steven Bartolini (CA): Good Morning everyone! Today's focus is on Workload Automation DE. Are there any questions for the DE team this morning?

Sharon: today in our non-prod environment we will be upgrading from R11.3 to R12.  In a document we received several months back it said active workload had to be completed.  In the R12.1 sprint review Friday it said active workload would no longer have to be completed.  Is this new for R12.1, do we need to complete active workload today to go to R12

Srinivasarao Kommineny (CA): @Sharon For R12 in-place upgrades, if you are in DE R11.3 SP3 1414 then we documented that we no need to force complete application generations.

Srinivasarao Kommineny (CA): @Sharon were you in R11.3 SP3 1414 build now?

Sharon: great

Srinivasarao Kommineny (CA): @Sharon you are welcome!

Sharon: looks like we are at 11.3-Build-1406

Srinivasarao Kommineny (CA): @Sharon I will double check on this version and let you know for R12 if the build is 1406.

Sharon: okay, thank you

Srinivasarao Kommineny (CA): @Sharon i am confirming that you no need to force complete as you are in 1406 build (applied patch RO84946 already)

Srinivasarao Kommineny (CA): @Sharon here is the documentation pointer for you -https://docops.ca.com/ca-wla-de/12-0/en/installing/upgrading-the-ca-workload-automation-de-server-from-previous-versions

Sharon: great thank you

Srinivasarao Kommineny (CA): @Everyone As we are delivering R12 SP1 sooner, we would like to know your plans for upgrading to R12 SP1...

Lenn Thompson (CA): Do we have any other questions for the team? I see tha twe have a couple folks who have joined recently.

renate: I just always come to all  if I'm available

Segun (CA): @Renate, Thanks for joining

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Renate Always great to see you here. Thanks for joining.

Lenn Thompson (CA): Okay everyone...we're going to wrap up for today. Thank you very much for attending. We'll talk to you soon!