CA API Management Community: What You May Have Missed [AUGUST 2016]

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News & Announcements

Register for CA World '16 | November 14 – 18, 2016 

Monetization for APIs 

Envisioning the Future of API Management 

The CA World '16 Session Catalog is Now Live! 

GA Announcement for CA API Management SaaS Summer 2016 Update 

General Availability Announcement for CA Live API Creator 3.0 

Now Available - CA Mobile API Gateway 3.2: New Features 200 

Happy National Dog Day! 



What is your experience managing your APIs across all CA API products? 

Desired Future Connectors for Live API Creator 

Desired Big Data/NoSQL data sources for Live API Creator 

What area of API documentation and developer engagement needs most improvement on the portal? 


Tech Tips & Support Docs

Tech Tip - Knowledge Documents (July)  

SLIDES: Unlocking the Value of Your Data via APIs 

Backing up and Restoring a CA API Gateway docker container 

SLIDES: Connecting and Securing IoT Devices 

Register a new OAuth Client and Key via REST (Clientstore API) using SoapUI 

Integrate ADFS login form for authentication 



Unlocking the Value of Your Data via APIs 

The History of Automotive Transformation. 

Connecting and Securing Your IoT Devices 

CA + You: Solving Your API Challenges  

Deployment Considerations for an Enterprise Scale API Management Solution 

API360 Microservices Summit – Surviving Partial Failure – Jon Moore, Comcast 

API360 Microservices Summit – Panel: Microservices Implementation Lessons 

API360 Microservices Summit – The Automated Monolith – Holger Reinhardt, Haufe Group 

API360 Microservices Summit – One-on-one with Mel Conway and Mike Amundsen 


Answered Questions

Alternate to Group creation 

No of APIs using by single username 

How to enable ssh/putty into the SSG? 

How to Activate disabled account in Policy Manager ? 

Please explain the differences , both seems same to me. 

Is there any study material for certification in Layer 7 

Release Management Flow for CA Layer 7 

Output JSON values without a loop 

How to split an XML and process each node? 

Access the RESTMAN API document 

Single Request validating 2 times 

Using variables for fowarding HTTP Headers 

MAG Device Status - difference between registered and active state 

Do back-end developers collaborate with API developers?  

Consume WCF Service 

Difference between API gateway and mobile App gateway 

Do we have documentation around SalesForce toolkits/etc. related to the gateway? 

Mobile API Gateway SDK 

Need assertion details on below question. 

Difference between Audit & Logs 

How do I change the password expiry frequency for both root and ssgconfig account of the SSG appliance from 60 days to say 3 months? 

Context : Gateway and Portal within AWS 

Hi, I am looking for a sample / reference application to support a PoC/demo of OATH/OpenID Connect capability on API Gateway 8.3 with OTK 3.0 amd MAG 2.x. Would probably need source/project with hints how to build and run. Your help will be greatly apprec 

Need to create certs via RESTMAN API 

Difference between Policy and Service 

Anyone used the "Send Email Alert" assertion with attachments. 

Can we read and extract the data from a MS Excel spread sheet in CSV format through the API Gateway policies? 

Can we use gateway as an interface/ proxy for RMI messaging protocol (Remote Method Invocation)? 

URI With Pipe is Invalid? 

Why does Policy Manager maintain 20 https connections to the Gateway? 

Can someone please help me to know what is the use of Require WS-Secure Conversation Assertion and when it is supposed to be used? 

Can Someone explain me in brief about Certificates (like which is the best certificate to use) and How to install them? 

Which Versions of AMQP are supported in V9.0 and V9.1? 

OTK: RFC 7636 support 

what is the TPS limit of API  

Use of API Management family to connect Datacom with Hadoop 

SSMADMIN lockout 

SAP RFC Custom Assertion needed 

Certificate Key Usage or Extended Key Usage Disallowed 

Using MAG for Microsoft ActiveSync Traffic 

Incorrect mapping instructions error using the GMU 

If suppose a third party wants an Oauth Authentication ,how we can do it in policy manager,say as client wants facebook for its Oauth Authentication.Can someone please elaborate on this.and provides all the steps., If suppose a third party wants an Oauth  


Open Questions

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Manitain policies consumer based on certs name 

Digital signature verification for verifier using bouncy castle API 

Hi, I'd like to add in Service Catalog Home Page a link to open an external url. Is it possible? Which file I have to modify? BR   

Verify and decrypt WS Secure SOAP message in Gateway  

How to sort response of "List via SFTP"  


New Ideas

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Promoting portal configurations from non production to production environment 

Select "Acceptable client certificate CA names" for listen port 

Authenticate calls from API developer portal to an email relay server 

audit log reflects HTTP status set by Customize Error Response 


API Developer Portal API - Provide APIM Customers API to Create a Custom Portal 

Connect multiple portals to a single gateway cluster 

Portal multi-branding support 

CA Layer 7 does not support any supported Oracle verison 

Support Apache Kafka for messaging 

Support draft-04 of JSON Schema in Validate JSON Schema 

Support of HTTP/2 


Upcoming Events

Office Hours for CA API Management: A Live Online Chat [SEP 28] 

CA World '16 



thanks for helping answer questions this week