Tech Tip: Checksum verification of UIM Installer Package

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When you download IOS images or product Installer images,  during the downloading, it might be corrupted by some reasons and want to verify its installer checksum.



Downloaded the ISO for UIM but the content seems to be corrupted. Please help to provide a checksum to ensure the download is completes without issue.



You can execute the command in Windows Platforms.



C:\Users\Smith\Downloads>certutil -hashfile DVD05100124E.iso MD5

MD5 hash of file DVD05100124E.iso:

11 5b 56 30 f3 2b cb f7 70 f1 9b 62 96 08 26 60

CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully and file size as your one " 3,227,410KB".




Additional Information:

 You can download UIM Installer packages from CA Support Download Center as well as Nimsoft Support site.