How to apply the licenses for CA UIM (fka Nimsoft)

Document created by CecileWeber Employee on Oct 5, 2016
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Please keep the license file handy during the entire process.


1. In Infrastructure Manager (IM) open Licenses under Archive
2. Copy entire license package except the license for the ‘hub’ (the one started with nimbus)
3. Right click in the License console
è Add License
4. Paste in this window all the keys you copied from the license file and click OK.
5. Go to the Primary hub and double-click on the ‘hub’ probe
6. In the probe GUI è"General" tab locate "License Information" and click on Modify
7. In the license file copy the key for the ‘hub’ (the one started with nimbus)
8. Paste it in the ‘hub’ GUI
9. Click on OK è OK è Apply      


If there are secondary hubs please repeat steps 5 to 9 on each of them.