New APM/ASM/AXA Knowledge Docs for October 2016

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New KBs for Oct 2016


1. APM Java Agent missing Frontends.  TEC1771717

2. Cannot complete TIM install. Readlink: missing operand error appears.  TEC1335296

3. CPU/memory usage increased by large amount after instrumentation of .net agents TEC1649426

4. Can APM Recorder capture XML Transactions  TEC1058799

5. About the change of the port number of ’Java Service Wrapper’.  TEC1970301

6. When 10.2 Java agent is installed on Weblogic, URL page of the Weblogic application no longer functions and displayed undeciphered characters.  TEC1747665

7. Disable Variance metrics TEC1192084

8. Error about Invalid Data String and Number during DSE/Solr database Start Up TEC1561516

9. Why some of the webspherePMI metrics which are percentages have value above 100%? TEC1289262

10. Renaming of Management Modules cause dashboard links to fail in WebView TEC1140221

11. Failed to register MOM to ETC, getting "Configuration test failed. Security token is invalid". TEC1079912

12. After Agent upgrade, Seeing NoSuchMethodError exception in Agent logs.   TEC1497104

13. Various Issues Occur After Installing an APM EM Hotfix. TEC1836761

14. Autoprobe logs are growing to huge sizes. TEC1622313

15. No Differential Analysis Management Module in APM 10.3 TEC1725187

16. Links in Webview do not work after upgrading. TEC1078654

17.  Websphere application fails to start TEC1835316

18.  How to check the current CVE update level on the APM TIM OS TEC1731237

19. APM Command Center certificate problems in browser - despite keystore being setup  TEC1668668

20. Resolving APM Performance Issues.  TEC1637803

21.  While Installing Postgres as an APM database, the Installation Fails with an error "Postgres Instance already exists" even though Postgres has been Uninstalled.  TEC1865613

22.   When does the APM/Workstation JRE Certificate expire for APM 9.6-10.3?  TEC1702674

23.  Performance overhead when DEBUG is enabled on EM. TEC1222321
24. Increasing APM logging level selectively for specific logger modules instead of all loggers avoids various problems.  TEC1263128

25. LDAP Configuration Example for User "Admin." TEC1086922

26.  What are names of the headers used for cross correlation traces? TEC1440477

27. "Error: One or more monitor could not be synchronized" due to an incorrect regular expression. TEC1171376

28. EM log (IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log) shows following error: [ERROR] [Thread-ModelSynchronization] [Manager.AppMap]...SQL state [72000]; error code [12899]; ORA-12899: value too large for column "APM1"."APPMAP_ID_MAPPINGS"."EXTERNAL_ID". TEC1350373

29.  What is “Utilization % (process)”? Why do I see value 0 on some of the servers?  TEC1164176

30.  Does TIM support ERSPAN with GRE?  TEC1217982

31. The meaning of the column of the 'View Tim Status' and 'View Tim Packet Statistics (5 Minutes / 5 Seconds)' page of "TIM Setup". TEC1608845

32. Smart Instrumentation and Application Operations. TEC1441355

33. Turning on the appropriate log level for APM Browser Agent  TEC1120728

34.  Browser Agent response cookie insertion impacting application.  TEC1486964

35.  SAML authentication against Azure Active Directory, ends up at the Microsoft error page  TEC1590557

36.  TIM Appears to be Monitoring the Wrong Networking Interface and cannot be Updated in the TIM UI  TEC1434997

37. WV would not start. Reconnect attempt to EM repeats. TEC1506249

38.  CA EEM Multi Domains configuration and CA APM Security. TEC1026108

39. Seeing error "Unable to process request at this time, please try again later" upon AXA (MAA) Tomee Server Start Up. TEC1814474

40.  Seeing error "Unable to start User Data Service. Ensure that the bootstrap is complete before starting User Data Service." in the CA App Experience Analytics ca-uds.log TEC1923566

41. How to disable SOAP and HTTP header injection using JAVA and .NET Agent. TEC603767

42.  What is the difference between a good and defective transaction TEC1152047

43  WARN Message "Unable to create jndierrorskip.pbd, turn on DEBUG for more details" and "Skip jndi error pbd location not set in agent profile. Will not create jndierrorskip.pbd"  TEC1018392

44. APM Health Tip - Showing the agents that report the most metrics.   TEC1495365 

45. Average Result Processing Time metrics are not showing up in the Investigator  TEC1993061

46.  CEM Admin Console became inaccessible with errors java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Throwable$WrappedPrintStream TEC1171662 

47.  CA APM and CA EEM authentication using LDAP Multi-Domain Setup TEC1791919 

48. How to configure HTTP tunneling and reverse proxy for Cloud Agents? TEC1898933 

49. The 10.3 TIM MTP image tim-mtp-Linux-el5-x64-* fails to install on CentOS 5.x with error "Unknown file type "application/x-tar, POSIX" TEC1450186 

50.  How can I determine if a running process on Windows system is a .NET application  TEC1215976 

51. Is there a way to get more details about the CEM report event  TEC1831186 

52. APM Health Tip - How to improve the performance of APM TEC1802088 

53. Running an APM/EM custom install using an existing EM installation directory may have unintended consequences TEC1171416

54. How to generate CA App Synthetic Monitor Custom Reports manually?
55.How to convert a Network Security Services (NSS) Cert Database and Import into Keystore or Truststore TEC1972325

56. What are the best probe definitions to monitor a Spring Boot application? TEC1297389

57. TEC1634878  Error message "Must be owner of extension plpgsql" seen during the Postgres database restore step

58. Why the "Errors per Interval" metric from ASM/Cloud Monitor Agent no longer exist in release 10.3?  TEC1923658

59. When running a python script as a stateful plugin I see gaps in the agent data. TEC1262804

1.  How to Configure CA APM to use LDAP Authentication (Introscope and APM CE)  TEC595290

2.  Resolving APM Performance Issues.  TEC1637803