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SPEL API methods


by: ConanLam

This method inserts workflow tasks for change and issue objects



add_workflow (uuid, string, string, string, int, ... );

uuid - user id

string - persistent_id of the chg or iss object

string - wf object persid where you want to insert the task after (if NULL it will insert at the end of the list)

string - task type code

int - most probably parameter that indicates where starts name value parameters

... - name value parameters (attribute1, value1,attribute2, value2,)

     send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "api", "add_workflow", who, "chg:402549", "", "APP", 0, 
               "group_task", 1,
               "wf_template", 400504,
               "description", "Auto Added Task 999");
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