Tech Tip: HOTFIX for mapping of existing data after upgrade to CCC 2.9.4 in connection with ‘CLUSTER_ID issue with VMware DB Data Adapter (DE224760)’

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From the CCC 2.9.4 Release Notes: In VMware, multiple VM clusters residing on different vCenters did not necessarily have a unique ID. As a result, in earlier releases, when pulling data from different vCenters, the cluster information from the first vCenter was overwritten by the cluster information from the second vCenter, because, both having the same ID, they were treated as the same entity in CCC. This issue has been fixed in this release by using the vCenter name and the cluster ID to form a unique cluster ID.


Problem: After upgrading to CCC 2.9.4 from an earlier release, you need to map your existing cluster data (fetched using the VMware DB data adapter) to the new cluster naming method.


Solution: Execute the attached database script as the CCC DB user via a database client, such as Oracle SQL Developer.

  1. In the VMware DB data adapter, enable the cluster metric collection functionality by selecting the Cluster Check box while creating or editing the VMware DB data source.
  2. Use the VMware DB data adapter to load and migrate the data.
  3. Open the DB client.
  4. Log on as the CCC DB user and establish a connection.
  5. Execute the attached script.


Note: The script should be executed only once.