How to pass BREL value to notification

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As we know BREL is a many-to-many relation and can be specified in notifications using sequnce, for example first property of request could be passed in this way:

@{}: @{}

But what to do if we need to notify user with specific value?


Our customer's requirent was to add user's VIP status to notification, surely this can be done using 2 notification rules forked by condition macro but this was resolved in this way:


Creating custom defined DOMSET

We have craeted z_vip.maj file with followed code, where specified search query that could return only single row of data.

OBJECT contact_handling {
     FACTORY {
          DOMSET vip_list "" STATIC {
               WHERE "special_handling = 1001";

OBJECT cnt {
     ATTRIBUTES usp_contact SECONDARY {
          is_vip BREL contact_handling contact DYNAMIC { DOMSET vip_list; };

Also we have added sub-relation to contanct_handling using new DOMSET.


Adding data to notification

Then if user have VIP flag it will be stored in is_vip list in a first row, so we can access it using this query:




Going further, if your company's email service configured to support BASE64 objects or (img with source links) you can simply add icon to notification:

for this purposes I have published new string (length: 4000) attribute: z_html_img

And using this code: