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Dear Community Members,


In today's Q&A, we have the instructions for how to split a task on a timesheet and several other topics.


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And now for our Q&A!


Q&A Summary


1. How do you setup financials for Non-Labor resources? 


2. Does Allocation on NPIO update ETC?


3. Can we split a task on a timesheet? Customize the LOV? 


4. Why are Assignments resetting to 0% in MSP? 


5. Why isn't a simple Process sending emails?


Please feel free to comment on any alternative answers you've found.


We love your input (always).




How do you setup financials for Non-Labor resources? Do they require a Department and Location, when they're not owned by any department?



The Department and Location fields are required to process financial transactions, since it's how the non-labor resources are tied to the entity. We recommend selecting the top-most department or a default department.



Does allocation on NPIO auto-generate ETC? 



The allocation on NPIOs has created matching ETC for some time, perhaps since v8 and the introduction of NPIOs. You may not have noticed before because the automatic Effort Task that gets generated for NPIOs is hidden in the UI. You don't see the Tasks tab on them, but all resources staffed to an NPIO get assigned to the effort task with ETCs.




Can we split a task on a timesheet? Customize one of the OOTB LOV fields? We'd like to allow Developers to specify the actual application on which they're working. As an example, I book my time to the "Development" task of a project established to create a new business capability. This capability will be used by a number of applications. Based on the work I'm doing that week, I actually select the application right on my timesheet...splitting the task as necessary if multiple records are required.



Absolutely. We've attached a TEC guide below that details options for implementing a dynamic lookup within the financially-enabled User Value lookup on a timesheet. The file is named: "TEC545084-How can we use our own user-defined lookup with the Time Entry User Value 1 field.docx."



Why are Assignments resetting to 0% in MSP? 
·        We open a project schedule in MS Project (e.g. PROJ00010103).
·        All assignments look normal with different percentages of units after the resource names.
·        I added a resource to a task at 10%, and 
·        Saved the schedule back to Clarity. Received the saved successfully message.
·        Downloaded the schedule again to MSP.
·        All units of all assignments have been reset to 0%.
Check the settings in CA PPM Admin > Project Management > Settings. You want to make sure the “Task Assignment %” maps correctly and doesn’t get reset to the “Default Allocation %” for the resource on the Project Team Page in MSP. See the screenshot below.


Also set the Default Load Pattern to “Uniform” from “Front,” otherwise your distribution of hours will not be correct in MSP.





Why isn't a simple process sending emails? This is a custom gel process that sends out a notification when new projects are created. The process message states that the process runs fine, but we're not receiving emails. 

Try checking off ‘Use Authentication’ in the NSA > Properties > System page. This particular system had a dummy user niku with password niku.


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