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Users are raving about CA Spectrum!  Check out the great reviews that our Community users are so excited to share on IT Central Station.


CA Spectrum is ranked #1 on IT Central Station in:

Network Management Applications  AND

Network Troubleshooting


Thanks to everyone that took the time to write a review!


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Here are the latest reviews, with links to the full reviews:

IT Central Station Review by Kishor Shinde

Valuable Features:

Fault management of different devices from various vendors;

Integration with different application from other vendors is supported; and

Various features to configure/customize/scale as per business requirements.


IT Central Station Review by Edgar Parra

Improvements to My Organization:

It gives you a proactive approach. It is almost like it can foresee what's coming fault-wise speaking, and the key is the proprietary Inductive Modeling Technology that it has that gives it that edge ahead of other products.


IT Central Station Review by John Irons

Previous Solutions:

We previously used lots of tools, such as PRTG, IBM Tivoli, and SLMO. CA spectrum helped our organization automate fault management across multi-vendor and multi-technology infrastructure. Spectrum integration with service desk helped us reduce manual effort.


IT Central Station Review by Leandro Daniel Pacheco

Valuable Features:

The network monitoring features are the product’s most valuable, due to the lack of these capabilities in any other monitoring tool. No other application monitors networks as well as Spectrum.


IT Central Station Review by Joao Evangelista

Previous Solutions:

We previously used a different solution, and we switched mainly because the company needed scalability.

We were using Zabbix, a similar product, at the time, and we had a custom poller written in C and six servers to make it run. However, to get it past 12k elements (the break point for this solution), we would have to redo the entire file system using GFS from Red Hat to allow simultaneous write for a shared storage area. So, when we presented the project, the company realized it was time to invest in an enterprise solution. CA Spectrum was the winner after a series of tests and PoC process with the suppliers.


IT Central Station Review by Shahzada Rao

Improvements to My Organization:

CA Spectrum helps our organization improve network service levels. With the help of Spectrum’s integrated automated fault management & fault isolation features, it helped us reduce MTTR by 50% and costs as well.


IT Central Station Review by Fritz Buetikofer

Improvements to My Organization:

Thanks to Spectrum, we are able to monitor (and send out alarms for) our whole IT infrastructure 7/24 without having more than a minimal number of technical persons.


IT Central Station Review by Martins634

Valuable Features:

Root-cause analysis and modelling pinpoint the exact cause of problems, which makes life easier.


IT Central Station Review by Frank Tonjes

Improvements to My Organization:

We also feed all of our alarms to it. You can feed traps/alarms from all over the place into Spectrum for that 'single pane of glass' functionality.


IT Central Station Review by Randall Hinds

Other Advice:

This is a very stable product. It helps us to be proactive and prevents the company from losing money and business, by monitoring the entire network (data and voice) of the company (head office and branches) in real time, showing exactly where errors occur.


IT Central Station Review by Thiago Borges

Improvements to My Organization:

CA UIM and CA Spectrum were the key factors in increasing the SLA from the IT environment to 99.99%, from the 99.5% achieved without CA solutions. This achievement completely changed the way how LoBs see and recognize IT as their partners, avoiding the blame game and finger-pointing. After improving the SLA metrics, the next step was to get closer to the LoBs and provide relevant dashboards, punting together business views and emphasizing how it is related to IT, and vice versa.


IT Central Station Review by Filipe Silva Castro

Improvements to My Organization:

With CA Spectrum, we are now able to monitor more proactively network assets, reduce the total downtime of these and prevent money from being lost for device stoppages. The tool also gave us an event integrator for all other solutions, including non-CA solutions, forming a consolidated view of all information sent. From customized polices, we can standardize device nomenclature, facilitating the opening of external tickets and improve tracking them.


IT Central Station Review by SeniorEnf50a

Improvements to My Organization:

The greatest benefit is the kind of alerts that we get. We can do root cause analysis to correlate events. Instead of getting 100 emails when the core is down we get an alert.


IT Central Station Review by Engineer085b

Previous Solutions:

We were using SolarWinds previously and it just did not offer a lot of the features that CA Spectrum does. CA worked really hard to create a strategic partnership with us which is very important. Being a large company, we have a wide range of products that we use from various different vendors and we need that support. We chose CA over IBM, and also SolarWinds. So again, the scalability of the product, the ease of implementation, and the account team was way easier to work with than any of the other vendors.


IT Central Station Review by Juan Manuel Testino

Scalability Issues:

Spectrum is able to scale really well. Whenever we add equipment, such as when we open new branches or we replace old equipment with newer technology, we have no problem with scalability.


IT Central Station Review by a Network Engineer

Improvements to My Organization:

As a user of it, it's been fantastic just because it does so many things all in one configuration section. The alarms monitoring of the correlation of events is valuable. It’s been a great experience.


IT Central Station Review by a Network Performance Engineer

Previous Solutions:

We chose this product because of its scalability and also we had confidence in CA, which we didn't have in any of the other vendors.


Video Review from Erik Giles @ University of Chicago on CA Spectrum and CA UIM Integration

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