CA APM - AP Office Hours Chat Transcript, 8th December 2016,  2PM - 3PM Sydney Time

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Aryne Chee to Everyone: Hello Wayne, Samina, Peter, welcome to the APM APJ Office Hour ~
Aryne Chee to Everyone: Please feel free to ask your question
Tarun Pamu to Everyone: Do we have any webcast / Recording of the latest release for APM?
Aryne Chee to Everyone: @Tarun Yes Tarun, we have a webcast on What's New in CA APM, taking place tomorrow morning. You can find details here:
Aryne Chee to Everyone:
Aryne Chee to Everyone: It is for APM 10.5
Aryne Chee to Everyone: Hello Mukesh. Welcome to the office hours...Please feel free to ask your questions
Wayne to Everyone: Hi Aryne, is there a session for customers in APJ that is more time friendly

Aryne Chee to Everyone: @Wayne The webcast will be recorded and the recording will be posted on the APM Community later on
Tarun Pamu to Everyone: @Aryne thank you...
Aryne Chee to Everyone: @Samina Hi Samina, the Office Hour is a chat-only session, you can type your question here and we will attend to it
samina zareen to Everyone: Hi Aryne thank you

Mukesh Singh to Everyone: Hi, I need to keep a track of Heap Memory percent being used by collectors in CA APM Cluster. There are some metrics available in investigator but it doesn't seem to appropriate. Is there any caculator available which can tell me that certain percent of java heap is currently free. For example calculate percentage based on Total Heap and Available Heap which is shown in perflog
Marlos Barroso to Everyone: When will the new version of APM come out?
Aryne Chee to Everyone: @Marlos It is tentatively planned at the end of this month
Marlos Barroso to Everyone: @Aryne: thank you
Wayne to Everyone: @Aryne What is the Passive EUE product name

Aryne Chee to Everyone: @Wayne I believe you are referring to the CEM (Customer Experience Manager), which is part of APM
Aryne Chee to Everyone: @mukesh we are looking into your question
Mukesh Singh to Everyone: The reason why I said that the available metrics in investigator doesn't seem to be appropriate because there was an occasion when one collector had used almost 100% heap but the metric "Heap Capacity %" was showing only 30%
samina zareen to Everyone: @Aryne... Since new version are coming out of APM how much worth it remains to use the previous version like APM 9.1 or APM 10.0...Do CA continue to support all the old version simultaneously?
PRADEEP SOMESULA to Everyone: @Mukesh, There is a javascript calculator for agent. Not sure similar thing exists for EM. But we can create similar calculator for collector metrics. There should be Perflog entry and may be equivalent metric that gives free memory metric

Mukesh Singh to Everyone: @Pradeep, Yes I am aware of "HeapUsedPercentage.js" which is available as an example script in installation directory but a similar metric for EM would have helped a lot.
Lynn Williams to Everyone: @Samina Older releases do go out of support according to out product life cycle page which can be found off the main APM product Page
CA Application Performance Management 

Typically at least 12 months notice is given before a version becomes End Of Support (EOS)

9.1 & 9.5 have recently gone/gping EOS and 9.6 will go EOS in January 2018

samina zareen to Everyone: oh ok Thanks Lynn
samina zareen to Everyone: @Aryne...APM help to detect long average response time or  throughput time for any application. what about application abruptly used than expected in banks. How to APM handle those senarios?
PRADEEP SOMESULA to Everyone: @Mukesh, You can raise an Enhancement. Not sure whether PM will accept it because there is already reference implementation for Agent and also perfolog related metric that tell you how much free memory is available

Peter to Everyone: Environment (cpu / disk / mem)  / Middleware (PMI / JMX) metrics play a very important part to viewing application health.  it would be nice to see these in Team Center.  
Mukesh Singh to Everyone: Thanks

Aryne Chee to Everyone: @Samina If you mean the application is abruptly used MORE than expected, you can tell by referring to the Response Per Interval metric, for example. Please let me know if this doesn't answer your question
Peter to Everyone: Would you happen to know if they have bothered to fix WebView functionality for Live Error Viewer, Historical Query Viewer so we can actually copy & resize of popup box in new transaction trace so we can see what we are selecting.   only asking as having to use workstation client for this is getting a bit annoying
Lynn Williams to Everyone: @Peter I read on an internal forum today that Nontransactional info on the Team center map is presently planned on the roadmap - no definitive dates yet.
Aryne Chee to Everyone: @Samina please ask your question
Peter to Everyone: thanks
Aryne Chee to Everyone: @Peter With regards to WebView functionality for thhe LEV and HQV, we are not aware of it at the moment, will need to look into this and get back to you.
samina zareen to Everyone: Thanks
Peter to Everyone: Hi Aryne,  I've raised this via account manager anyway.  just haven't seen 10.5 yet
Peter to Everyone: enjoy
Aryne Chee to Everyone: Any other question guys? Otherwise we will be ending this session
Aryne Chee to Everyone: The chat transcript will be posted on the APM Community for your reference. Please watch the space for more APM Office Hours sessions to come in the future
Aryne Chee to Everyone:
Aryne Chee to Everyone: Thank you for joining us today. The session will end now.