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Dear Community Members,


In today's Q&A we'll cover common questions about mysterious financial fields, GEL, and switching up the landscape for reports. Enjoy.


Q&A Summary


1. How do you remove the XML node in GEL? 


2. What are these mysterious financial fields?


3. Is there a way to change the landscape throughout a Jasper report? 


4. Why isn't this GEL email string sending emails? 


5. Where does Populate from Investment Team get its Planned Costs?


Please feel free to comment on any alternative answers you've found.


We love your input (always).




How do you remove the XML node in GEL? 



Here are a couple quick ways to remove the XML node in GEL.



<gel:parse var="notasks">
<gel:set select="$xml//NikuDataBus/Projects/Project/Tasks" value="${notasks}" />



    <gel:set select="$xml/NikuDataBus/Projects/Project/CustomInformation" var="customInformationNode" />
    <core:set value="${customInformationNode.getParentNode()}" var="parent" />
    <core:set value="${parent.removeChild(customInformationNode)}" var="void" />
    <gel:set asString="true" select="$xml" var="xmlString" />





What are these mysterious financial fields? We're looking at the FIN_FINANCIALS table and can't figure out these attributes.



If a ‘column’ on the table is identified as a tsv type attribute in the metadata, it automatically creates an ODF_SS column for its slice_status. Other than that it’s not entirely useful.


These field types exist on a few other tables such as prtimeentry.odf_ss_actuals which is the slice_status for the practcurve column specifically, while the slice_status table value is for the ‘record’ as a whole.


So if you look at all the BLOb fields on the FIN_FINANCIALS table, you should find that they all have a corresponding odf_ss* column.




How do you change the landscape from page to page in a Jasper report? We'd like the main page to be a portrait and the subreport to be a landscape. When we put the landscape subreport on the portrait main page, it gets cut off. I’ve already tried making the main report landscape and putting the main as a subreport, but that still takes the landscape of the main.



Report Book would work for this option. It's just multiple reports in one book area.




Why isn't this GEL email string sending emails?

Try using a semi-colon and removing the spaces.




Where does Populate from Investment Team get its Planned Costs? We're populating from the team for a financial cost plan. We just started using Cost Type as a category, and now all of our planned costs have defaulted to Operating, even though the Project & Task are set to Capital for Cost Type. Is there a setting defaulting that or does the populate from team not work with Cost Type?

If you populate from team, it uses the % capitalization field on the team record for cap/operating – not the project task. 

THANK YOU------------------------------  

A special thanks to Vipin Chouhan, Jenn Rinella, Chris Wuenstel, David Zywiec, Virginia DeCeglia, Daniel Greer, and the Rego Team for this Q/A material.