What you may have missed (October / November 2016)

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Hi Community Members,  Yes, I am a bit late in getting this one out the door but with good reason.  We just launched some new product communities which you might want to check out and follow !

New Communities Created for CA Spectrum, CA Performance Management, CA eHealth, CA Unified Infrastructure Management, CA Virtual Network Assurance [Read On] 


KB Updates, Articles to Read:

New APM/ASM/AXA Knowledge Documents for September 2016 

New APM/ASM/AXA KBs for September 2016

Top 20 APM/ASM Documents for September 2016 

APM/ASM Top 20 Knowledge Docs for September 2016 


New APM/ASM/AXA Knowledge Docs for October 2016 

Top 20 APM/ASM/AXA Knowledge Documents for October 2016  

60+ New APM/ASM/AXA Knowledge Documents for October 2016 


Get Involved, Please Take this Poll --> What Topics would you like to see more APM Knowledge Docs on? 



APM 10.X Upgrade Videos & More 

Flipboard CA APM Cookbook Retirement 

Now Available! OnDemand CA APM 10.x: Foundations for Monitoring Performance 200  

Now Available! OnDemand CA APM 10.x Foundations for the Administrator 200 

Favorite Bookmarks 


New Blogs

What's New This Time in APM?  Everything. 

Check current CVE update level on the APM TIM OS 

Docker, Docker, Everywhere... 

Time calculation in CEM Time Distribution graph 


New Videos

CA App Experience Analytics: Visualize Your Data  

CA Application Performance Management: Universes 

CA APM: Node.js Agent   


New Ideas

WebSphere agent on z/OS: capability to collect PMI metric in multiple processes environment (Servant & Adjunct servers). 

Offline install for OPMS 

Enhancement to put monitoring stations into maintenance automatically in case of issues 

Enhancement to remove false positives from ASM monitors so that the uptime is not affected. 

Add SLA Feature in ASM. Lot of competing products like Smartbear Alertsite have a SLA feature. 

Console Notification for single User or Group 

Logarithmic Graph Scale option for dashboards and reports 

Provide more logging about scheduled CEM Reports 

Installing TIM on RedHat Linux 6.8 

Ability to select multiple monitors and select “Start Maintenance Now” 

Schedule Upcoming Maintenance for multiple monitors 

Login information handling for MA Monitor 

Import Business Transactions in mass in CEM 

Automatic Business Transaction creation in CEM 

Number of connected users in CEM console metric 

Modify Business Transactions in mass in CEM 

Identify Business Transaction route in CEM 

Schedule multiple instances of one time or scheduled maintenance for the same monitor or group of monitors 

Allow Duration of maintenance for more than 23 hours & 59 mins or/and Add End Time 

Create Browser Plugin like Smartbear Dejaclick to capture scripts 

Integrate with SOAP UI 

Integrate with CA Blazemeter 

Actions on "Failed to execute script" 

Integrate with CA CSM 

EPAgent Authentication or Other Control Mechanisms 

Make OPMS support Oracle Linux 

Show RBM comments in ASM 

IBM IIB Message Flow User Trace string metric conversion into number value 

CA APM (Wily Introscope) Enhancement requests as a result of audit: User Authenticated Session timeouts must be set, Privileged account usage and activity must be logged, Applications must log user activity audit trails 


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