CA PAM::. How to use the Apply_Xpath?

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How to use the Apply_Xpath?



Apply Xpath Operator - CA Process Automation - 4.2.2 - CA Technologies Documentation 

applyXPath Function - CA Process Automation - 4.2.2 - CA Technologies Documentation 






In this case i used two others examples, where,we already documented,  and you can looking for them here:

CA PAM::. CA SDM Web Service Login - Process Example 

CA PAM::. CA SDM Web Service Logout - Process Example 



01. On Operator properties, type the XML Expression, put your own variable
02. Select the option "Strip XML Namespaces from Response

03. Type

XPath expression

Dataset variable



It was used doSelect method

04. Click Post-execution Code 

05. Type your own XPath code 



var id  = applyXPath(Process[OpName].AttrValue[0], "//AttrName[text()='id']/../AttrValue/text()");


<variable name> = applyXPath(xmlData,                  xpathQuery);




 loop the variables using 


for(var vi=0; vi<Process[OpName].AttrValue.length; vi++)






Loop using variables

var intCounter = 0;

Process.intSize = Process[OpName].AttrValue.length;

for(var intCounter=0; intCounter<Process.intSize; intCounter++)

Process.CntPersid[intCounter] = applyXPath(Process[OpName].AttrValue[intCounter], "//AttrName[text()='persistent_id']/../AttrValue/text()");
Process.CntUserid[intCounter] = applyXPath(Process[OpName].AttrValue[intCounter], "//AttrName[text()='userid']/../AttrValue/text()");

PAM::. CA SDM WebService Loop Contacts - Process Example 






Process.Handle = Process[OpName].Handle;

CA PAM::. CA SDM Web Service DoSelect - loc and ca_location 




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