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Gets the value of an environment variable


Method to return a string within a environment variable.

string getenv(string str)

It can be used to retrieve a variable that has been previously stored by the setenv function.
A variable defined at run time with the setenv function can be accessed at any time inside or outside the context of the function.


getenv ("string")


  • Getting the value of the PATH environment variable and putting it into the variable "result".
string result; result = getenv("Path");

setenv("myVar", "myValue"); // Store 'myvalue' in environment variable 'myVar'
printf("%s\n", getenv("myVar")); // Returns 'myValue'
printf("%s\n", getenv("COMPUTERNAME")); // Returns computer name 'SERVERSDM1'
printf("%s\n", getenv("NX_ROOT")); // Returns $NX_ROOT path


This func will return the string value of the environment variable defined informed in string.


Getenv - SDU 


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