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Dear Community Members,


We've got great material for you in today's Q&A, everything from slice details to removing the gridlines from your exported reports.


1. What are the presets for OOTB slices?


2. Why are there negative values in the WIP table?


3. Can we add the Resource Contact Information fields to portlets?


4. Assignment Time Slices: Time Period Requested does not exist?


5. Advanced Reporting: Can we remove the Excel gridlines?


Please feel free to comment on any alternative answers you've found.


We love your input (always).




What are the presets for daily, weekly, and monthly OOTB slices? How many periods in the future and past are available within the RM planning portlets?



28 Daily - One week in the past, the current day, and 3 weeks in the future
16 Weekly - 2 weeks in the past, the current week and 13 weeks in the future
36 Monthly - 4 quarters in the past, the current quarter and 7 quarters in the future
Year, Quarter, and Monthly periods all use monthly slices
The Weekly period uses weekly slices. The Daily period uses daily slices.




I thought the WIP tables didn't show negative values in the quantity column. E.g. if a person adjusts a timesheet the new value would get stored and not a negative one. Am I losing it?? 



Timesheets do not follow the same rules as WIP transactions. If a timesheet is adjusted, it posts a negative value to show the offset. If you’re not using timesheets and just manually or automatically enter transactions directly, for those WIP adjustments you can just replace the original value with the new value.   




Can you configure the Contact Information page on resources, or use those fields in portlets?  

Good question. You can't configure the page or access it in any OOTB or resource object portlet. The display is completely driven by an Extensible Stylesheet Language file (xsl) (i.e. the xml version of a css page), so no studio views are tied to it. It is a legacy page that was used heavily in incidents. The data is stored in a separate resource table, SRM_CONTACTS, which joins with SRM_RESOURCES using the principal_id.


We advise folks NOT to use it. Best practice is to add custom fields to the resource object, instead of using the Contact Information page.




What slice item needs to be setup to allow task assignments on projects to function properly?

I have tried:
- Estimates
- Assignment ETC Cost
- Assignment ETC Actual
- Project ETC for Labor Resources

I keep getting time period requested does not exist. I’ve verified the dates displayed are within the slice setup.

I’m sure I'm missing something obvious. Thanks for the help!

Out-of-the-box, these are the ranges of your internal (insta) slices:


28 Daily - 7 weeks in the past, the current day, and 3 weeks in the future
16 Weekly - 2 weeks in the past, the current week, and 13 weeks in the future
36 Monthly - 4 quarters in the past, the current quarter, and 7 quarters in the future


The extension will change it to:


42 Daily - 7 days in the past, the current day, and 4 weeks in the future
45 Weekly - 4 weeks in the past, the current week, and 40 weeks in the future
51 Monthly - 4 quarters in the past, the current quarter, and 12 quarters in the future


This is the ONLY approved extension for the internal slices.



Can someone please let me know if there is a setting available in Advance reporting to alter the format of an exported report. Recently, I exported a report in Excel, and the “View Gridlines” setting is automatically checked on the extracted Excel. Is there an option available to prevent exported Excel from showing the gridlines by default?

Set the following parameter to false:


Thank You------------------------------  


A special thanks to Dan Greer, Virginia DeCeglia, Doug Greer, Jenn Rinella, Davey Zywiec, and the Rego Team for this Q/A material.