CA PAM::. CA SDM WebService DoSelect - Process Example for read cr - call_req

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HowItWorks.jpgCA PAM - Using doSelect for read cr  -  call_req







01. Login

CA PAM::. CA SDM Web Service Login - Process Example 



02. Do Select

CA SDM::. CA SDM Web Service :: DoSelect method 

CA PAM:: How to use Invoke soap Method? 


02.A - Connect with CA SDM Webservice

CA SDM::. Qual é o endereço do Webservice - SOAP? 


02.B - Inline text


02.C - Dynamic Parameters


  • sid__
    • Process.SessionID
  • objectType__
    • "cr"
  • whereClause__
    • "id = 2800"
  • maxRows__
    • 1
  • string__
    • "ref_num"
  • string2__
    • "status"


02.D - Call Results



02.E - Execution Settings - Post-execution code


Process.XML = Process[OpName].SelectReturn


03. Apply_xpath

CA PAM::. How to read a XML file - applyXPath Function 


Process.Class = applyXPath(Process[OpName].AttrValue[0], "//AttrName[text()='ref_num']/../AttrValue/text()");
Process.Family = applyXPath(Process[OpName].AttrValue[0], "//AttrName[text()='status']/../AttrValue/text()");


04. Logout

CA PAM::. CA SDM Web Service Logout - Process Example 




CA PAM::. How to read a XML file - applyXPath Function 

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