Jenkins and DevTest Integration using ANT

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ANT Project :

Step1: Set Environment Variable:

 ANT_HOME, LISA_HOME, JAVA_HOME, PATH (as per your installation directory)

Step 2: Copy ant-junit-1.7.1.jar and junit-4.11.jar to LISA_HOME/lib directory

Step 3: Create file and set below mention properties

Note: Properties name and value can be changed as per the project requirement.

Step 4:  Create file and set below mention properties

Step 5: Create attached build.xml and common-macros.xml file file

Step 6: Setup ivy if needed.

Step 7: Provide your DevTest project in the Directory of ANT project as shown below.

Step 8: Done, please run “run_ant” (attached) from the directory where you have “build” file.


SVN repository: 

Push you project to SVN Repository.

Refer in case GIT is in use. Git Tutorial - Try Git 


Jenkins project:

  1. Login to Jenkins. (Read and write access is needed).
  2. Create a freeStyle Project.
  3. Provide General details as shown below


4. Provide SVN details as shown below

5. Provide Build Trigger details 

6. Provide Build Environment details

7. Build Details as shown below:

8. Provide Post-Build Action for Report Generation and sharing it via email.

9. Save the project and it is done.


Jenkins Build with Parameters:

1. Click on Build with parameters:

2. Select Value from drop down and click on button “Build”.

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